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Belize’s Best Cave Tubing Experience!      

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If you love caves and love exploring then you’d be in heaven in Belize! Cave tubing and/or the ATM cave tour are a must! Be ready to get wet and have some fun! Look at the picture, this could be you!

Belize Cave Tubing

Float past side windows that filter the jungle light through the mist as you swirl around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. Float past underground waterfalls then into the crystal cathedral, a spiritual center to the ancient Maya.

“We paddled upstream in a shallow river through the cave entrance. We then paddled and climbed through the cave. It was like the National Geographic magazines had come alive... sparking stalagmites…” – TripAdvisor User

The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave is one of the most popular Mayan burial sites in Western Belize and we can take you right to it. Skeletons, pottery, ceramics, and other stoneware are all still inside the cave! Just imagine – what a sight!

Belize ATM Cave Tour

Belize has lots of awesome caves and the ATM is definitely one you should see. This ATM tour is challenging and a good level of physical fitness is required. Remember to wear comfortable clothing for these two tours, it will make your life as an adventurer a whole lot easier and have fun!

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