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Belize Cave Tubing – An alternate view!      

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How many of you get to stick your butts in a tube on your Belize cave tubing tour and wade and paddle up and down stream enjoying yourselves and enjoying the views and wondered – How does the river beneath my tube look?

Belize Cave Tubing

Ever wonder what creatures crawl or swim beneath? Don’t you want to just stick your head under and open your eyes? What if you could? Look at this video! See all that you can beneath the Caves Branch River – then you won’t have to wonder anymore because you’ve had the alternate view. This is how it would look if you were going by on tubes with your head under the water.

2012 Caves Branch River, Belize from Milli Metern on Vimeo.


You have not had a good Belize experience if you have not done the famous and awesome cave tubing. You’re going to love it.


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