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“Just Stay Here, You Won’t Regret It”      

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A family spent their Belize vacation with us from New Year’s Day till Jan. 4th! They said that it may be the best and most memorable stay they ever had! They said, “I have nothing but praise for this lodge”.

“After we checked in and signed the liability waivers, we were shown to our room, our luggage was already there. The room had a large sitting area with a sofa and a couple chairs, along with a bunk bed. Turns out, we could have slept six here. The room has no windows, it is all screened in and the view was wonderful. It is dense rainforest and you can barely make out nearby cottages. There is also a view of the river. At night it is pitch black, but you might see some fireflies and you will hear the jungle critters. When/if it rains at night, you will hear nothing but the steady patter of raindrops.”

Belize Tree Houses At Night

“The place is run a lot like a summer camp. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at very specific times and at long tables, so get to meet your fellow vacationers. I'm not the most friendly sort, but I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with others at mealtime, so don't let the dining style be a turn off. The meals are buffet style and have a small but satisfactory range of selections. The food is good, above average, but nothing amazing.”

They also did a few tours at Ian Anderson Caves Branch. “Our kids 10 & 14, found everything we did very fun and no stress at all. We were taxed a little, but the other family we were with made it through easily. So even being out of shape was no problem. We did the cave tubing & Mayan artifacts tour (loved it), the Mayan ruins tour, educational and worth doing, but not thrilling, and the waterfall cave tour (our kid's favorite, though we felt a little rushed and this one taxed us - but we'd do it again).”

Belize Waterfall Cave Tour

They also enjoyed the botanical gardens but suggest that you would take a guided tour. “The tour and the information you'll learn makes it so much more enjoyable.”

They loved the pool and especially the Jacuzzi! “My kids both said this was the best vacation ever and we've done many trips, including Disneyworld, Disney Cruises, France, England, Italy, Caribbean cruises and more.”

“I was so surprised by this place, meaning that it was so much more than I ever expected. I felt pampered and comfortable and yet remote and rugged. The rooms are beautiful, both inside and out. Also, I loved the piping hot, torrential outdoor shower in our tree house that was a treat.”

Caves Branch - Outdoor Shower

It really does sound like they had an amazing time. Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is for people who are adventurous, people who love nature and the jungle, people who don’t mind meeting new friends and people who love adventure! Wait….  I mentioned “adventure” twice, it must be important.

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