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Blooming Orchids at Our Belize Botanical Garden!      

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Ella has updated her blog with beautiful pictures of the botanical garden! There are tons of orchids that are blooming at this very moment! Ella says that this time of the year they are magnificent – it is the best time to visit and view them.  

Belize Orchid

The picture above is one of CB’s champion Orchid; it has had many beautiful flowers over the years. In fact, last year, this baby had a whopping 11,310 flowers that had all opened at the same time! Ella said so … that means she counted. ;) Click here to see what it looked like last year.

Below are some other pictures of the same orchid from this year. Its flowers are already starting to open up but as you can see, there are still many left to open.  Look at the pictures and guess how many flowers it will have this year. Leave your answer in a comment – let’s see who will guess the closest!

Belize Botanical Gardens - Orchid

The botanical garden and the orchids and other plants around the grounds of the jungle lodge are what gives it the natural feel and shows off the natural beauty of plants! Year after year, guests have expressed how amazed they are at the work that Ella has put into this. Be sure to stop by the botanical garden or ask for a private tour, there are a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes! It will be wonderful.

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