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How to Save For an Adventure in Just One Year      

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If you’ve dreamed of your ultimate adventure vacation but haven’t quite mustered up the determination to save for it, then it’s about time you started. What if you could save for your ultimate vacation in just one year? Here are a few tips, no big changes but they can help you to save a whole lot in just one year. You can use this method to start saving for almost anything.

  • Be specific and create a spending plan. Think of where you need to go and all the adventure tours you want to attempt. Plane tickets, Gas – if you plan on driving, museum, souvenirs, everything. Total it up. If the number you get sends you into shock, that means you will need to cut back on costs until you feel comfortable with how much money you will be spending.
  • Open a dedicated savings account that you will use only for your travel funds. Set up automatic transfers from your normal account to your savings account. This will help you to increase savings at each payday.
  • Use a piggy bank for all the spear change you have. At some point this piggy bank or change jar may bump you up at least $300.00 which will be useful.
  • Make some sacrifices now in order to have a little fun later. Do you belong to any clubs or subscribe to any service? See which ones you can do without and which ones you can lessen. This will give you a stash of money towards your vacation.
  • If you really want to sacrifice, build cash with a pantry week. Eat everything out of the pantry and stay out of the grocery store unless it’s something that you really need to make.
  • Eat out less. A typical family with kids younger than age 6 spends an average of $239 each month on restaurant meals, according to the National Restaurant Association. That's money that could easily be diverted to your vacation fund. Some ways to cut back without totally eliminating this option: Check local restaurants for "kids eat free" nights (often Monday or Tuesday nights), watch newspaper coupon inserts for buy one entree, get one free dining deals or buy discounted coupons (usually $25 certificates for $10) at
  • Go through everything in your house, things you don’t use and things that you never used. You can have a yard sale or sell them online. Put all this cash straight to your travel fund.
  • If you have kids who want to go on the trip, make saving in the travel fund a part of their lives too. If they put $5.00 out of their allowance each time or less… it all adds up.
  • Ask Grandparents for a small grant towards it for the kids if they can afford it.
  • Save your pay raises and bonuses straight into your travel fund.
  • It’s better to work on a cash basis than use a credit card. Then you can avoid all those high interest rates even after your vacation.

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