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Overnight Jungle Expeditions in Belize      

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There are two adventures that would be perfect to highlight in this post. The first one is called the Overnight Jungle Expedition and the other is called “Jungle Quest” Expedition.

We will talk about the Overnight Jungle Expedition which is considered as just a teaser for the Jungle Quest. Keep in mind these are two very different expeditions yet they are both reserved for the adventurous who are physically fit. They are highly classified as having difficult physical activities and extreme jungle survival. Here is a little about the Overnight Jungle Expedition.


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Here is what Ross Garth said about the overnight tour on TripAdvisor

“We set off from Ian Anderson's Caves Branch by bus into the jungle. We took only a hammock, a change of clothes, 2 litters of water and a machete. At the end of the road, from within a huge orange grove we started on a 5 hour hike into the jungle, no trails. Just me, my wife and 2 personal guides. Our guides Chico and Carlos were fantastic. We felt so safe with them and their knowledge of the jungle was fantastic. It was like being on our own National Geographic tour. We cleared a camp site by the river, hung our hammocks and made a fire. Once the fire was set it was pitch dark and we still had to find food. We grabbed the flash light and went spear fishing in the river. You won't believe how good that meal tasted. Learned to set many types of snare traps, how to build a palm frond shelter, how to get water from vines, how to harvest heart of palm, how to brush your teeth without tooth paste, how to make delicious tea from vines, how to identify various snakes and wild animals from their sounds or smell or trails or when you see them, how to build chairs, tables and toilet from palm trees, how to catch fresh water shrimp and crabs, how good termites actually taste.

Unbelievable experience! Four days and 3 nights we will never forget. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little extra adventure. My wife and I are over 40 and are moderately athletic. The hardest part was talking my wife into it. She and I are both proud of what we accomplished. Give it a try. I dare you.”

Do you dare to try this?


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