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There’s A 'Lil Something You Should Know…      

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We may have 5 star luxury tree houses with the most beautiful views of the sunrise and the starry night sky. They may be two stories of living space that are comfortable and clean and even have jungle showers. They may have a private deck with a two person soaker tub. They may even be decorated with exquisite local art pieces but there’s a ‘lil something you should know… we are NOT a Belize Resort.

Belize Resort - Jungle Lodge

We may have a myriad of different adventure tours with different intensity levels that are safe for guests of all ages, even kids. We may have guides who are trained for rescue missions. We may have approximately eight categories of tours. We may have over 19 years of operation and experience with adventure tours. We may be able to boast that our safety record is impeccable. You should definitely find out if we are right for you because there’s a ‘lil something you should know… Ian Anderson Caves Branch is not for everyone.

Belize Adventure Tours

There are so many things to do, since you may be able to access our multi-layered swimming pool & hot tub. You may be able to visit the botanical gardens or even bathe in the river if it is flowing. You may be able to make your own lunch on the tours or squeeze your own OJ. You may be able to come back for a very low price if you check out our loyalty rewards program but there’s a ‘lil something you should know… you won’t have a good time – you will have an awesome time!

So…what are you waiting for? There’s a ‘lil something you should know… this is not an invitation, it’s a dare!

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