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Interesting Facts about Belize according to Nick      

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The Belize Tourism Board had invited Nick Kontis (Travel Expert and Founder of the World Travel List) to come get a “slice of paradise”. Nick spent his first three nights in the Jungle. He stayed at Ian Anderson Caves Branch ( in one of our tree houses. According to Nick, these are some of the things that he found interesting during his stay.


  • “Caves Branch is an authentic jungle experience”
  • “Rappelling 300 down the side of a mountain into a cave, the “Mother of all Caves”, now how hard could that be?  Piece of cake”
  • “I was harnessed, strapped, roped and tied, and ready to go. The first step off the mountain or first 10 feet provided me with a rush that only sky diving could equal. I could feel the Adrenaline start to kick in and wondering if I should have gone Cave Tubing on my first full day in Belize. Maybe bird watching.”
  • “Nothing like lunch in a sink hole … Upon arrival, you are treated to a picnic lunch.”
  • “Belize sets the record for largest tortillas in the world. Massive flour tortillas are stuffed with whatever your heart desires.”
  • “January through May are the best months to travel to Belize.”
  • “Sunscreen, mosquito repellant, otherwise, you will get eaten alive. Proper hiking boots or good tennis shoes.”
  • “If possible book one of the tree houses at the Ian Anderson Caves Branch. After all, you are in the jungle.  It may be the closest thing to living in the jungle that you may experience.”


Belize Jungle Lodge

Thank you Nick, this is a great post. Click here to read his story!

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