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Tips for Traveling with Children      

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Traveling with kids can account for some of the best and lasting family memories and they can also prove to be a perfect chance to expose them to new knowledge and experiences.

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However, traveling with children can be quite surprising if you are not properly prepared. It can lead to a potential nightmare and a rush back home. But we don’t want that so it is necessary to be prepared for the wonderful little people and their special needs.

  • It is good to have certain activities to help reduce boredom during the journey to get where your destination is (hopefully Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge).
  • There is not one set list of things to carry for every child because they are all so different. Board games might work for some but a Play Station Portable (PSP) might work for others. Crayons and a coloring book may work or a sketch pad and different grades of pencils. It all depends.
  • It is good to be aware of what items you can carry onto an airplane if you are flying. Be sure to have variety for them but don’t go overboard because you will find other souvenirs and gifts that you will want to bring back from your destination.
  • A favorite toy can be helpful for some children.

There are also a few items that must be packed because sometimes little accidents happen on the way to your destination. Be sure to double check your checklist and add any items that you see fit.

  • Different sizes of band aids: little cuts & scrapes.
  • Hand sanitizer: always useful after using restrooms, before meals etc.
  • Sun screen: the sun may be considerably hot where you are going this can help to prevent damages to the skin.
  • Phone numbers: your phones may be out of roaming area or batteries go dead or sometimes chargers are forgotten. So keep an old fashion written list with updated numbers available.
  • Zip lock bags in several sizes: this may be useful for shells, wet clothes, or storing candy or small foods to finish later.
  • Medication: be sure to pack general medication such as triple antibiotic ointment, Tylenol, allergy shots, insulin or other necessary medication.
  • Photos: keep family photos as well as passport size photos of each family member in your wallet. It may be useful if a child wanders off in the airport or elsewhere.
  • Color coded clothes: when traveling in a group, it is often necessary to travel with the same color shirts that way it is easy to spot members of the group.
  • Traveling pillows: some people prefer to take naps while traveling

Traveling with the entire family for a wonderful all inclusive vacation filled with adventure may just be the best thing that you need. Be sure to plan your activities and adventure tours with your children in mind.  Safe traveling…

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