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Typical Morning at Ian Anderson Caves Branch      

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As the sun rises and the jungle lights up, you open your eyes to the sound and sights of beautiful birds and the fresh moist air fills your lungs. You enjoy the cool rush and inhale deeply one more time just because the clean air feels good – it might even give you a chill and shivers for a couple seconds.

You walk out to your porch or look through the screens carefully and you might be doing some birding in Belize right from your jungle accommodations! As you take a cool refreshing shower and head down for breakfast for the first time you are not sure of what to expect. Here’s a short video that may help you!

The female voice in the video is owner Ella Anderson.  Once you meet  Ella, and possibly co-owner Ian (if he’s around somewhere sneaking a couple bites of breakfast that is not supposed to be in his diet while entertaining guests) you will feel right at home. Ian and Ella can be quite entertaining.  They have so many interesting stories you would love to hear but the time is too short and you need to be ready to go on your Belize adventure tours.

That’s a typical morning at our Belize jungle lodge.

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