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Tips to Choose a Vacation That is Right for You      

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We know that you have been saving up all your vacation days and syncing up you vacation holidays so that you can have that awesome adventure vacation to another country - the one that you’ve always subconsciously thought about. But how do you know if you are choosing a vacation that’s right for you? You don’t want to come back home and think… “Wow… was that it? I could have had a better vacation”. Now you have just one week after discounting the weddings, anniversaries and other events that you just “had to attend”. One week of blessed freedom for you and whoever you choose to spend it with but where should you go? Don’t you dare feel helpless, here are some tips that will ensure that after your vacation, you will feel that you got your money’s worth or more and you will feel satisfied with the choice you have made.

  1. Brainstorm for a location, a favorite country, a place that caught your attention online, in an email, on a magazine or a place you’ve been to and would really enjoy going back. Ok, stop! We all know that the first place in your mind is Belize and the second thing that comes to your mind is Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch. But if it’s not the first thing, consider it in your choices. =)
  2. Consider the little things because it’s the little things that matter the most. See if you prefer jungle, beach, rivers, snorkeling, diving, rappelling, cave tubing, zip lining, horseback riding, bird watching, Mayan ruin tours, overnight expeditions etc. etc. the list goes on. Let your mind run free as you think.
  3. Be sure to mix and match – we are not talking about clothes here! Be sure that you have enough time to explore, socialize, bond with your family, rest, and travel comfortably. If you need a massage, be sure to ask for one – it can be arranged. Remember to take advantage of promotions or discounts available. All inclusive packages are usually the way to go.
  4. Be smart about travelling. When you get off the airline it is always safer to be picked up since you don’t know your way around. You can always ask around and find your way through but if you are packed for an entire week and have kids, it’s harder to move around and use public transportation. Hiring a taxi can also become expensive so weigh your options.
  5. Last but not least, book your vacation, accommodations, tours, travel arrangements, food, and everything else you might need; start packing and be sure to pack a camera – you will want to have memories of a fantastic vacation!

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