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“Lizzie's 50th Birthday Bash”      

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These awesome ladies had a wonderful time celebrating a Birthday! We wish you many more happy, healthy ones Lizzie! What a way to have a good time for a birthday huh?! Who would have thought that an adventure vacation would be the way to go? They attempted two of the most strenuous tours and overcame them with a blast of energy and excitement. It was a pleasure having you.

Belize Caving Tours - Lizzie's Birthday


“I searched around a lot to find the most safe and Adventurous trips we could do, to celebrate my little sister's 50th birthday. We could not have found a more wonderful place to test our nerves, under completely safe circumstances with the most terrific of guides. We did the Waterfall Caves tour and the Black Hole Drop. Both were a test of our spirit... a test of our physical ability... and a huge uplifting experience once we had finished it. We were not "babied", "pushed" or "led up the path", we were allowed to do it in our own time, with guides we completely trusted. Many was the time we could have given up, but with gentle kind encouragement we continued. So glad we did. If you want somewhere to PROVE to yourself... you still GOT IT, then these two tours are a must. Thank you Ian Anderson Caves Branch, for providing two of the most exciting experiences of my life.” – TripAdvisor User

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