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Belize Adventure Travel Blog

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Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Belize Cave Tubing – An alternate view!      

How many of you get to stick your butts in a tube on your Belize cave tubing tour and wade and paddle up and down stream enjoying yourselves and enjoying the views and wondered – How does the river beneath my tube look?

Why Go Cave Tubing in Belize?      

She tells an amazing story of how this simple tour can turn out to be the most spectacular that even the most seasoned adventurers have not attempted. Don’t waste time – start reading to find out why you should come cave tubing in Belize too!

Cave Tubing in Belize      

What’s so awesome about such a simple experience?

Cave Tubing Vs. Zipline      

Have you ever had the difficulty of choosing between Belize zipline and cave tubing?

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