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Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Adventure Blog

Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Hannah's Adventure at Caves Branch       

Hannah a blogger and avid traveler visits Belize and wrote a blog featuring the awesome adventure she experienced at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Guest Review – “Best Overall”      

Ian Anderson's Caves Branch is truly a different experience. From the time you enter, you feel welcomed. By the time your adventure ends, you feel like you've gained a new family...

Jack Trout's Adventure in Belize      

Jack Trout from the United States visited us and attempted one of our adventure cave tours with a group of friends at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. He wrote a blog featuring the awesome adventure and one of our tour guides...

“Refreshing Change”      

One of our guests called the lodge a refreshing change. This is exactly what we want to be in your adventurous lives! We are the place you run to away from your office or busy city lives just to think, relax and enjoy Mother Nature in all its wonder...

“Hardest adventure was leaving!!”      

I've never felt so welcome anywhere. All the staff turns into family, as well as the other guests. The best part is sharing your adventures over dinner!

“Simply Great!” – Guest Review      

The feeling will never get old! We are always glad to welcome new and returning guests for a bit of paradise and adventure in the jungle. Here’s a review from one of our most recent guests who came all the way from San Antonio.

"Best adventure Ever!!"      

Many people feel that they have become seniors and that adventure tours are no longer suitable for them. There is no such thing! The adventures at Caves Branch are safe as long as you are still able to call yourselves moderately fit.

Let’s Go On A 7 Day Belize Vacation – But What Will We Do?      

There are many people who come to Belize on vacation but are not sure what there is to do to make it a vacation to remember.  We had a couple who stayed at the lodge for 7 nights – They were able to do 5 adventures and were totally enjoying themselves by the end of their vacation.

“Just Stay Here, You Won’t Regret It”      

A family spent their Belize vacation with us from New Year’s Day till Jan. 4th! They said that it may be the best and most memorable stay they ever had! They said, “I have nothing but praise for this lodge”.

Why Go Cave Tubing in Belize?      

She tells an amazing story of how this simple tour can turn out to be the most spectacular that even the most seasoned adventurers have not attempted. Don’t waste time – start reading to find out why you should come cave tubing in Belize too!

“Lizzie's 50th Birthday Bash”      

"If you want somewhere to PROVE to yourself... you still GOT IT, then these two tours are a must. Thank you Caves Branch, for providing two of the most exciting experiences of my life."

“Most adventure I have ever packed into 7 days”      

How many adventures have you packed into just 1 week? 7 days can seem like such a short time when you are really having fun. This is the story from our guest that was posted on Trip Advisor.

Belize fun filled family Adventures      

You can choose what you feel comfortable with or choose something that you’ve never tried - something that pushes you to the limit...

“Mysteries of the Underworld”      

Such a mysterious topic, isn’t it? Is it about the Mayans – after all we are in 2012 or is it about something else? Why don’t you find out…

"Mayan Magic" … That’s What They Called Us!      

Bill Milligan has written a beautiful article for Caribbean News Digital taking us from way back when Ian Anderson Caves Branch was “a few palapa huts” to almost present day, since...

Overnight Jungle Expeditions in Belize      

There are two adventures that would be perfect to highlight in this post. The first one is called the Overnight Jungle Expedition and the other is called “Jungle Quest” Expedition. Here is what Ross Garth said about the overnight tour:

Caves Branch Through Dave's Eyes      

Like the work of a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon, my skepticism was peeled away one layer at a time as the long driveway to the lodge enveloped us under a canopy of lush growth.

We love hearing from our guests!      

Richard & Sandra wrote to us and shared their experience and pictures of their visit to Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. See what they said...

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