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Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Adventure Blog

Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Hannah's Adventure at Caves Branch       

Hannah a blogger and avid traveler visits Belize and wrote a blog featuring the awesome adventure she experienced at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Out in the Belize Jungle for a few Days!      

If you are out in the Belize jungle for a few days you could have the time of your life and even choose to enjoy both the challenging and the more comfortable approach to the jungle adventures.

Vacation Deals for Outdoor Adventures      

We have deals on adventure vacation package for just about everyone – bring the kids along and even the grandparents

“The Best Mayan Ruins in Belize”       

There is a wide variety of Mayan ruins in Belize spread all over the country but her article focuses on just a select few that she deems to be the most intriguing. Here is her story.

Jack Trout's Adventure in Belize      

Jack Trout from the United States visited us and attempted one of our adventure cave tours with a group of friends at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. He wrote a blog featuring the awesome adventure and one of our tour guides...

“Refreshing Change”      

One of our guests called the lodge a refreshing change. This is exactly what we want to be in your adventurous lives! We are the place you run to away from your office or busy city lives just to think, relax and enjoy Mother Nature in all its wonder...

“Simply Great!” – Guest Review      

The feeling will never get old! We are always glad to welcome new and returning guests for a bit of paradise and adventure in the jungle. Here’s a review from one of our most recent guests who came all the way from San Antonio.

Let’s Go On A 7 Day Belize Vacation – But What Will We Do?      

There are many people who come to Belize on vacation but are not sure what there is to do to make it a vacation to remember.  We had a couple who stayed at the lodge for 7 nights – They were able to do 5 adventures and were totally enjoying themselves by the end of their vacation.

CNN’s “5 don’t-miss spots in Belize”      

This is taken from a short article written by Christopher Dawson at CNN. He says, “Protected rainforests, Maya ruins, Caribbean beaches and...

“Just Stay Here, You Won’t Regret It”      

A family spent their Belize vacation with us from New Year’s Day till Jan. 4th! They said that it may be the best and most memorable stay they ever had! They said, “I have nothing but praise for this lodge”.

21 December, 2012 – What is this all about?      

There are so many theories about this date. How do we really know what this 2012 Phenomenon is all about? Is it really the end of the world as we know it? How did the Mayas know about this date? What is the Maya calendar? Why are we the last ones to figure it out? What is the Apocalypse? Let’s move backward on this…

“Water Based Adventures” Cancellation Notice – a note from Ian Anderson      

... Because of this, it is difficult to give our guests advance cancellation notice for their water based adventure tours.  We try to give as early warning as possible on tour cancellations, but there are times when this is simply not possible; at times there is simply no notice at all...

Tips & Tricks for Blister prevention and care      

Many adventurers both new to the hobby and seasoned ones come to Belize to experience our adventures. Unfortunately, you can start off having a wonderful journey when all of a sudden things can take a turn for the feel a blister coming on!

Why Go Cave Tubing in Belize?      

She tells an amazing story of how this simple tour can turn out to be the most spectacular that even the most seasoned adventurers have not attempted. Don’t waste time – start reading to find out why you should come cave tubing in Belize too!

Cave Tubing in Belize      

What’s so awesome about such a simple experience?

The Best of Belize…      

What would you classify as the best of Belize? Who decides what experiences are the best of Belize? This means that you experience the country in a new and innovative way.

When is the best time for tours at Caves Branch?      

Time and time again we’ve and frequently asked questions about when is an appropriate time to come to Belize on an adventure vacation or a Honeymoon or even a family vacation. Our guests want to know the optimal time to do each of the Adventure tours.

Adventure & Honeymoon in Belize - Not Good Together... Not a Belize Resort      

Adventure is all about roughing it and challenging tours and lots of people. It’s all about experiencing another country in such a way that proves to be exciting and scenic; you’ve got to love nature. On the other hand, Honeymoon is all about the romantic stuff...

Best Type of Shoes for Adventures in Belize      

You want to ensure that your feet are safe, and for that we need you to choose the right type of shoes for your adventure to minimize risks of sprains, pain and other injuries that you can get if you do not have the right shoe...

Tips to Choose a Vacation That is Right for You      

How do you know if you are choosing a vacation that’s right for you? You don’t want to come back home and think… “Wow… was that it? I could have had a better vacation”...

“Most adventure I have ever packed into 7 days”      

How many adventures have you packed into just 1 week? 7 days can seem like such a short time when you are really having fun. This is the story from our guest that was posted on Trip Advisor.

Many Manatees seen in Belize      

Manatees are one of the “most iconic and threatened animals in the world’s oceans” and researchers in Belize have come together with strengthened efforts to protect them. Flying overseas in a small plane, researchers have seen a record 507 manatees this year!

Belize fun filled family Adventures      

You can choose what you feel comfortable with or choose something that you’ve never tried - something that pushes you to the limit...

“Greatest Places on Earth”      

Steve & Roseanna O’Dell has produced a film called the Greatest Places on Earth where they have introduced and showed why they think the chosen place is the greatest on earth...

Something Everyone Will Enjoy      

“Haven’t you heard? The Belize zoo is one of the “Must See” zoos! Our little zoo has been quite popular among locals and visitors. If you have an interest in wildlife and would like to see native animals of Belize then a visit to the Belize Zoo is a must.”

“Top 10 Summer Destinations 2012”      

It seems that this is a month for lists! Here again we have another list for you. See who’s listed in the Top 10 Summer Destinations for 2012...

Cave Tubing Vs. Zipline      

Have you ever had the difficulty of choosing between Belize zipline and cave tubing?

All Inclusive Family Vacations - Kids Welcome!      

When Ian Anderson Caves Branch started operating, it was believed that the adventures were inappropriate for children and all families with kids were discouraged from making a reservation. Oh! But we were so wrong…

Facts about Your Belize Kayaking Adventure      

Here are some interesting facts about your Belize kayaking adventure. You will have so much fun, you won't even realize you're getting a great upper body workout!

Overnight Jungle Expeditions in Belize      

There are two adventures that would be perfect to highlight in this post. The first one is called the Overnight Jungle Expedition and the other is called “Jungle Quest” Expedition. Here is what Ross Garth said about the overnight tour:

Tips for Horseback riding in Belize      

Before you take on the challenge of going horseback riding in Belize, here are a few tips that will help you to be safe and enjoy your experience...

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