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Belize Adventure Travel Blog

Adventure Blog

Belize Adventure Travel Blog

12 Reasons Belize Honeymoons are Trending Big Time!       

Who wants to spend those first precious hours holed up in a tourist class airline cabin when you could be making sure the hammock on your resort balcony is big enough for two? It only takes a couple of hours to get to Belize from North America; what’s more romantic than being rested and ready for love?

Belize Jungle Honeymoon Destination      

Escape from the norm of overrated beaches and find yourself a Belize jungle honeymoon destination. Many resorts in Belize offer the typical honeymoon services but you can treat yourselves to something absolutely extraordinary...

"Best adventure Ever!!"      

Many people feel that they have become seniors and that adventure tours are no longer suitable for them. There is no such thing! The adventures at Caves Branch are safe as long as you are still able to call yourselves moderately fit.

Adventure & Honeymoon in Belize - Not Good Together... Not a Belize Resort      

Adventure is all about roughing it and challenging tours and lots of people. It’s all about experiencing another country in such a way that proves to be exciting and scenic; you’ve got to love nature. On the other hand, Honeymoon is all about the romantic stuff...

Belize: Honeymoon Travel – 12 Reasons      

There are tons of adventures for a couple, who says it can’t be romantic & adventurous at the same time? You can have all the experiences that Lillie & Colin had by visiting one place – but…

Belize Honeymoon at Ian Anderson Caves Branch      

There are many couples who come to Ian Anderson Caves Branch to celebrate their honeymoon, anniversary or just for the adventure. You and your loved one can still enjoy champagne and chocolates in the privacy of your jungle suite or tree house; however, at Caves Branch...

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