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About Caves Branch Artisan Cheeses

Our Caves Branch Artisan Cheeses are the only handmade artisan cheeses found in Belize that are fully aged in a humidity and temperature controlled aging cellar, turned every 48 hours and polished every seven days and aged up to 24 months.


We know you will be thrilled with our Artisan Cheeses and for those true cheese lovers, our premium aged cheeses have been recognized as “truly superior international cheeses”.


Our Cheeses


All Caves Branch Artisan Cheese are hand made using the freshest organic full cream milks. Absolutely no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavoring or coloring added to our cheeses.


 All our cheeses are aged in our Caves Branch aging cellar at a constant temperature of 52°F and a humidity of 85% for up to 28 months for full aged aroma, flavour and texture.


Each round is turned every 48 hours to ensure a constant level of moisture and rich flavour throughout the entire round. We hope you enjoy our cheese, of which all are hand-crafted with love and pride for your enjoyment.


Artisan Cheeses




The original recipe used by the Trappist Monks throughout Europe. A semi hard cheese described as a rich and creamy texture. Normally ages for 4 months with premium aged up to 12 months. 14 oz. rounds.


Spressa Cheese 


An artisan recipe from Northern Italy. A semi hard cheese with a hint of a tart texture yet a light fruity after flavor. Normally ages for 5 months 8-10 oz. 14-16 oz. rounds. Premium aged up to 10 months *


Parmesan Cheese


Our own artisan style Parmesano with full body and a more moist texture rather than dried and crystallized. Full flavor as expected in all Parmesans. Normally aged or 6- 8 months, with premium aged for up to 18 months. 8 – 10 oz. 14 – 16 oz. rounds 11 lb. rounds aged for 18 months *


Cheddar Cheese 


Aged in the traditional ways of old CHEDDAR in our cellars for up to 9 months, this striking strong aged white cheddar is a premium cheese. Made in 20 lb. blocks and sold in any increments.


Old Barbander 


An artisan cheese from Belgium, old Barbander is an old country recipe. A semi hard cheese with full flavors filling the pallet. Normally aged 6 months, 8-10, 14-16 oz. rounds. Premium aged for up to 12 months *


Feta The traditional recipe of the Greek national cheese, aged for 3 months in a brined whey. A firm and crumbly brined cheese mostly used for topping salads and eating with vegetables 14 oz. rounds


Mozzarella (Double Crème) 


This recipe is a unique artisan recipe only made at Caves Branch. Rather than using a skimmed milk, we use a full cream milk, then double the crème content for a full rich cream texture, along with all the mozzarella traits. 2 oz. mozzarella balls, sold within 48 hours of making.




 A moist, full flavor cheese aged for three months, suitable for almost any purpose any palate at any time. 14 – 16 oz. rounds Camembert


(Triple Crème) 


A Camembert cheese unique to Caves Branch. Rich, creamy, unique in every way. Using a full crème milk, we then triple the crème content. This camembert melts over your pallet. 3 oz . 6 oz. rounds.


Mr. Stinky 


Another unique cheese to the Caves Branch offerings.. a rich lingering flavor of Roquefort blue but a dryer texture as the cheese is ages to 8 months. 5-6 oz. 12-14 oz. rounds




Typical “old world” whipped cheese curd. A delightful whipped breakfast cheese especially when topped with fresh fruit, fruit preserves or a northern maple syrup. Also a most perfect cheese filling for cheese cake. Sold in 6 oz. increments.




Old world Ricotta made only from the freshest Whey at the end of each cheese making day. A ricotta cheese of this quality simply cannot be found in commercial stores. Sold in 6 oz. increments


Soft Ripened Cheese


A soft ripened style cheese, aged only 5 days for freshest flavors. Finished in a variety of ways using crushed peppercorns and pepper preserves. 12 oz. rounds


Authentic, Belizean Made Cheeses Made from Local Dairy Products


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