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Belize Jungle Lodge Questions

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Although it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee complete safety from COVID-19, Caves Branch has gone above and beyond to protect the safety of both our guest and our staff. We take your health very seriously and have worked hard to put protocols in place to make sure that you have an amazing, safe, and unforgettable vacation.
See more details about our protocols here.

Yes, it is safe to drink tap water as it is filtered and chlorinated water. However it is recommended that you drink bottled water which is easily available. Some Belizean homes and hotels use cisterns to collect rainwater for drinking and home use.
Both Belmopan and Belize City have hospitals, with medical equipment and a number of doctors and specialists. Towns and villages throughout the country have either a hospital or a clinic as well.
No, we do not offer this amenity due to the nature of our lodge. We operate on generator power which limits the types of electrical appliances that we can use. Hairdryers, irons, etc are not available.

WE NOW OFFER Free WiFi to all guests. We no longer have a computer for guests to use. You may simply connect your device to our open WiFi at the main lodge building. WiFi is not available in any guest rooms.

Being in the jungle however and a bit remote, internet connection may be interrupted at times (something that is beyond our control). Please exercise patience with us during these times.

A departure tax is charged when leaving Belize. Our front desk can let you know how much this will be and the preferred method of payment.
Each country is different so call your customs and immigrations branch for further details for your country.

If you’re a citizen of the United States, Canada, Britain, an EU country, or several other countries, you don’t need a visa to visit Belize. But you need to make sure that your passport will remain valid for at least 90 days after your arrival and that you have proof of a return ticket home.

Visitors can stay up to one month in Belize before needing to obtain an extension at the immigration department.

After getting off the plane have your passport and travel documents available to go through customs. The officer may ask you to open your bag. Your personal items are allowed in Belize.

A 30 day visitor’s permit will be issued to you upon arrival. Extensions are routinely granted at Immigration offices location in San Pedro, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Orange Walk, and Belize City.

A valid passport and return ticket is necessary for entry into Belize. No visas are required for citizens of the U.S., British Commonwealth nations, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay.

There are 3 basic ways to get to Caves Branch from the airport: your own automobile, using public transportation, private transfer by CB … Click Here for details.

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is NOT Pet-Friendly. We reserve the right to turn away any customer who bring pets on the property.

Shots are not required to enter the country. However, one should consider having a gamma globulin for Hepatitis A, booster for Typhoid and for Tetanus as well. On occasion Malaria has been found in Belize and can be prevented or cured with Chloroquine. Chloroquine can cause liver damage when used for a prolonged time period. Often travelers on long visits choose to carry mosquito repellant while in the jungle in lieu of taking Chloroquine for a prolonged period. For professional advice, consult your local Health Department or family physician.

Nothing invites trouble like a tourist with lots of jewelry, expensive or not. If you can, leave it at home, or else leave it locked up at your hotel when you are out sight seeing or doing any activity away from your hotel.

Cool, comfortable, casual clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, and/or camp shirts, lightweight cotton pants, and sundresses will cover all your clothing needs.

For tours, you will need well-treaded sneakers or hiking boots, lightweight long pants and shirts that allow for movement and can get wet, and mosquito repellent. Please check the tours you are interested in to see if there are other items that will be required.

A knapsack or daypack is a great idea for day trips and expeditions. In it you can carry water bottles, snacks, camera, and other essentials such as sunscreen and insect repellent. The intensity of the sun makes polarized sunglasses, good sunscreen, and a brimmed hat essential.

Just in case there’s an unexpected (or maybe very expected) rain shower, include lightweight raingear in your suitcase as well. Your valuables are best left at home.

A flashlight is useful for getting around the property at night.

Belize has a full postal service although it’s not known for its delivery speed. First class mail between Belize and the US averages 8-10 days for delivery. International Express mail from the US to Belize usually arrives in 3 Business days.

The country code for Belize is (501) and there are currently 17 area codes within Belize. Remote jungle lodges usually have short wave radio communications linked to a cellular service. The main communications company is the Belize Telemedia Limited, a private company which owns the telephone service that covers the entire country. A satellite earth station in Belmopan provides high quality telecommunications with the outside world. A cellular network is available country wide.

Electrical power is 110 volts, which is the same as the United States and Canada. Many places provide electricity via diesel generator equipment so a small surge suppresser is highly recommended for computers and other sensitive equipment.

Atlantic Bank Ltd., Bank of Nova Scotia, First Caribbean Bank, Heritage Bank, and the Belize Bank are the main banks in Belize, primarily located in Belize City but some can be found in other areas throughout Belize. Banks are generally open Monday-Friday 8 AM-1 PM and Saturdays, 8 AM-11 AM. ATM machines are located at most branches throughout Belize.

Nearly all hotels, restaurants, and shops in the major towns and tourist areas take all major credit cards. Street vendors, smaller establishments in remote areas, or those hotels in the jungle environment may accept only cash or traveler’s checks. Representatives of VISA, MasterCard, and American Express can be contacted at the four commercial banks in Belize City.

Local currency is the Belize Dollar. One U.S. dollar is worth two Belize dollars. The Belize dollar is fixed to the U.S. dollar so this rate of exchange does not fluctuate. You can use US dollars anywhere in Belize (paper currency not coins).

Belize is on Central Standard Time; however, they do not observe Daylight Savings Time. The local time is Greenwich mean time minus six hours. Current time:  

Belize currently has a 9% hotel tax for accommodations and a 12.5% GST or general sales tax on meals, transfers, expeditions, and store purchases. Some hotels also add a 10-15% “service charge” to the bill so inquire about this when checking hotel prices.

Belize has been an independent nation since 1981 but remains a member of the British Commonwealth. Parliamentary democracy with two major political parties, the United Democratic Party (UPD) and the Peoples United Party (PUP). Belize has a Constitution, which includes a Bill of Rights.

The Belize Tourist Board is a good place to go for additional information about Belize. 

Belize was the only British colony in Central America, so today, it is the only country in the region where English is the official language. All signs and printed information will be in English, but Spanish is widely spoken as well, especially in areas near the border with Mexico or Guatemala. Other languages spoken in Belize by different communities include Plattdeutsch, Chinese, Maya, and Garifuna.

Most Belizeans speak what is called Creole (sometimes spelled Kriol) at home and with their friends, which is similar to but still quite distinct from standard English.

YES Absolutely! Caves Branch is an active supported of local organizations and schools. The most needed items are school supplies and books. Click here for details.

“Caves Branch Lodge is truly an amazing paradise! First and most importantly we felt so safe there as they are vigilant about Covid safety and medically supported recommended procedures. But on top of that the grounds, the staff, the room (we had a gorgeous canopy tree top room), and the adventure guides were all 5 plus stars!”

 – Sldancer: A TripAdvisor User – 

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