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Signature Tours

Caves Branch's Original Signature Tours

Best Belize Tours

Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch has been a leader in offering Belize tours before Belize was famous for adventure. Our top three Belize Signature Tours (River Cave Expedition, Black Hole Drop, and Waterfall Cave Expedition) as well as other amazing on-property adventures are only offered through Caves Branch and have been guest favorites for over 18 years.

Why haven’t we changed them? Because you can’t improve on something as exciting as exploring the caves of the ancient Maya, leaping off underground waterfalls, rappelling into 300 feet of darkness, or overnight camping inside a cave… it just doesn’t get any better than that!

The adventures below are best experienced as part of our all-inclusive packages but can also be booked individually. Individual tours (without a package) must be booked ahead of time. If you book a package, one of our friendly guides will meet with you when you arrive and answer your questions and help you decide which tours are best for you. You can also contact us for more details at any time.

Waterfall Cave Expedition


Explore this river cave as spectacular crystal formations loom above and ancient Maya ceremonial centers are hidden inside the chambers of this mist-shrouded kingdom. Gear up to climb a total of seven waterfalls located hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above. Return by jumping off the waterfalls into the pools below.

This isn’t for the faint of heart! The Waterfall Cave Expedition is for physically fit individuals who are ready to tackle the ultimate climbing adventure.

River Cave Expedition


Start this amazing adventure with a 15-minute drive on our jungle buses to the caves branch river where you will tube for 100 feet to the entrance of the cave.

Once inside you will explore this incredible river cave system by tube and on foot as you discover ancient Maya ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, jade, and the actual footprints of the Shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D.

Black Hole Drop


The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole sits over 300 feet above the basin below. Do you dare rappel into the darkness?

The first 10 feet provides the adrenaline, the next 200 feet provides an unforgettable experience and sights to behold, and the last 100 feet takes you down through the rainforest canopy. Once you’re at the bottom, the question is…how do you get out?

Lost World Ceremonial Cave Tour


This incredible adventure starts with a challenging 40-minute hike through the jungle. You will walk the actual steps that Mayan Shaman walked as they entered Xibalba.

Feel the presence of the ancient Gods as you explore spectacular and awe-filled crystal chambers that hold 2,000-year-old ceremonial fire pits, still containing charcoal and ash, pottery, bowls, relics, altars, wall carvings, glyph writings, and actual skeletons of sacrificial victims still lying among the ruins of this cave.

River of Caves 7 mile Cave Tubing
(with optional Ziplining)


This is where it all started! Ian Anderson’s first and still Belize’s longest and most spectacular “River of Caves” cave tubing float…over 7 miles underground.

Enter the exciting world of rivers disappearing into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only your headlamp to light your way. Swirl around stalagmites jutting from the river and stalactites looming from above. Float past underground waterfalls then into the crystal cathedral, a spiritual center to the ancient Maya.

Botanical Garden Tours

Welcome to a world of natural wonder, tasteful delights, and magical moments surrounded by lush tropical surroundings. Explore a wonderland of natural beauty and unique flora with our Guided Garden Walk. Discover a new side of your favorite foods; see the gingers in bloom, smell the all-spice leaf, touch the vanilla orchid, or taste the cacao fruit with our Guided “Senses” Tour. Or try our Be a Botanist tour and experience the excitement of a botanical expedition.

Full-Day Jungle Trek


One full day in the pristine jungle with local bushmen guides. Learn about the treasures that the jungle holds: natural medicines, herbs, barks, and many plants that are still used today by natural healers throughout Central America. Ancient ruins, burial sites, and altars lurk below the shadows, hidden by time, as you trek through areas few have ever seen. Explore the Blue Hole River as it surges from below a 250 ft cliff and take a refreshing dip in its aqua blue waters.

Intensity Level:
(3 of 5 sweat drops)
Moderate  – Requires hiking

Age Recommendation:
Mature 10 yrs old and up

Guide, lunch, and water

Mandatory Items to Bring:
Comfortable lightweight long pants and shirt that allow for movement and can get wet. Well treaded sneakers or hiking boots, mosquito repellent, a full change of clothes, and personal toiletries. 
Participants must provide their own full-size backpack. This tour is not affected by seasonal rain but do be prepared to get wet and muddy.

Jungle Safari After Dark


The Belize jungle is habitat for an incredible variety of fauna. Our wildlife adventures begin in the early evening with local bushmen as guides. Trek through the jungle in search of the many elusive animals that feed under the cover of darkness such as the howler and spider monkey, gibnut, kinkajou, wild boar, deer, quash, armadillo, tarantulas, scorpions, leaf-cutter ants, and of course snakes!

The elusive jaguar, tapir, wild boars, and various other animals have been sighted as close as two minutes from the Lodge itself. Nightly departures are year-round, though a bright moon negatively affects the possible number of animals seen.

Intensity Level:
(2 of 5 sweat drops)
Easy – All participants must be fit and agile. There is a 30-minute jungle hike at the beginning and the end of the tour

Age Recommendation:
6 yrs old and up

Guide and headlight

Mandatory Items to Bring:
Lightweight shirt and long pants, hiking boots or well-treaded sneakers, mosquito repellent, bottled water.

Bird Watching


You are officially in one of the best Birding Destinations in Belize. 

These birding treks occur early in the morning, as this is a time when most bird species are feeding or are moving to new locations, making it ideal for viewing. As the night sky lightens and the jungle comes to life, you’ll start your walk down our 1km drive that shares three different and distinctive birding habitats. It is not unusual to spot over 100 species over a couple of mornings.

1-4 Night Overnight Adventures


For the true adventure-seeker, day tours aren’t enough!

If you’re seeking to take your vacation to the next level, try our overnight cave or jungle expeditions.

On your honeymoon? Spend an unforgettable night in the mysterious underworld of Xibalba.

Ready to take the ultimate challenge? Try our four-day/three-night hardcore jungle survival adventure. No tents, not precooked meals…just you and your survival skills (and a guide of course).

Our tours are best experienced as part of an all-inclusive package
but can also be booked individually.

“We did several excursions and the guides are fun and professional and kept everyone safe. The waterfalls tour was one of the most fun adventures I have ever been on! I rarely return to the same spot to vacation but this is somewhere I could see myself going again and again!”

– Melissa O: A TripAdvisor User –
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