“Beautiful Lodge and Awesome Adventures”

It is always a joy to know that our guests had a good time on their visit to Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. We know that you are away from home so we try to make you as comfortable as we can on your adventurous vacation. Here is a guest review and pictures posted on TripAdvisor by user Sharinola who visited us previously in early June. 

“We visited for five nights in June 2011 and are still talking about this trip! We loved every aspect of our stay at Ian Anderson Caves Branch. Our only regret was not staying longer! The lodge was in a beautiful jungle setting. The pool was a nice retreat after the adventures. Our tree house was so luxurious! We loved falling asleep to sounds of the jungle. The staff was friendly and attentive. The family style meals were fun. My twelve-year old twin boys had a blast. The adventures were awesome!
The Waterfall Cave Expedition – Wow, this expedition was right out of an Indiana Jones movie! Climbing up the waterfalls and jumping off of them was the highlight of the trip for my boys. It was a short hike to the cave. Once there, we hiked deep into the cave along a river. There were points where we swam or waded through it. We also climbed over, crawled under, and squeezed through rocks. We saw tagged Mayan artifacts. The guides did a great job relaying to us the significance of the caves to the Mayans.
The Black Hole Drop– Adrenalin pumping! The hike there was mostly up hill. It was challenging, but definitely doable. The guides were great about moving at a comfortable pace and taking lots of breaks. When it came time to go over the side, we were all shaking like leaves, LOL! Just do it! 
The guides know what they are doing; and you are tied to a second safety rope. We always felt safe.
Tikal– Absolutely amazing! Our guide was knowledgeable and shared a lot of history. The grounds and the surrounding jungle were beautiful. We saw lots of wildlife too. Bring lots of water and wear cool comfortable clothes. It was hot in early June. We stopped twice on the way there for breakfast and lunch, and once on the way back for souvenirs.
Zip-line and zoo– We had never zip-lined before, so it was a must do for us. If we had zip-lined before, we would not want to spend a whole day doing this. It was good, but not as exciting as the other adventures. The zoo was small but good. My boys got to feed a jaguar from inside a smaller cage within the jaguar cage. So cool! 
Arrange for Caves Branch transportation to and from the airport. Not having to worry about logistics was really nice!
Get a Belize all-inclusive package. The adventures are what Caves Branch is all about; and you are a good hour from anything else.
Our canopy Belize tree house had an outlet and a safe.”
Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon again. This is a beautiful article and amazing pictures of your vacation. Write a review of your visit to Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch.

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