Unforgettable Adventure Vacations for Couples

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Even loving couples need a little adventure from time to time. Find that spark in Belize.

It’s no big secret: Traveling as a couple has myriad therapeutic benefits and marriage counselors agree that travel is healthy for relationships that are already solid and those that could use some strengthening.

You get away from stress, pressures, kids, and bosses. Next thing you know, you’re holding hands, hugging and—well, having more fun at night than you did back home.

Add the element of adventure and there’s no telling how much your bond could solidify as you dare yourselves to step outside your comfort zones, take risks and do all of this together. You’ll share some of these memories. But not all of them!

Beach and Jungle Adventure Vacation in Belize

Where to go for the best adventure of all

Consider the name “Caves Branch Jungle Lodge” and see where your imagination takes you. This unique property is frequently referred to as the adventure capital of Belize because it was specifically designed to offer experiences not found elsewhere in Belize.

The Caves Branch tour menu is long and includes:
-Fishing the Belize barrier reef if you like your adventure on the mellow side.
-Seeing how it feels to be lowered into a giant black hole tethered to safety gear.
-Exploring ancient Maya ruins via rugged hikes or taking inner tubes into mysterious caves.
-Sharing an undersea world that’s a delight for the eyes: snorkel and dive the barrier reef.

We’ve saved the best for last

belize all inclusive adventure vacations

When you two are not hanging from rigs for deep dives or coursing over jungle canopies on zip line adventures, there’s a Belize treehouse waiting for your return.

These are no ordinary tree houses. They’re furnished and appointed in the manner of the finest suites in luxury hotels, only you won’t have neighbors in the next room because privacy and luxury go hand in hand at Caves Branch.

Come down from your perch to dine at the Lodge’s award-winning restaurant, get lost in the splendor of lush botanical gardens sprawling across the property and you’re always invited to grab pool time when the urge for less heart-pounding adventures strikes. Put yourselves into the hands of expert masseuses at the Lodge Massage Center where the only thing better than a deep tissue experience is a romantic couples massage.

You’re going to find this adventure vacation to be everything you need to discover things about yourselves that you never knew–and you won’t be the first couple to leave the premises realizing how lucky you are to have each other.

Take advantage of low seasonal rates that extend to October to sweeten the experience. Best of all, fall in love all over again at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge where what happens in tree houses stays in tree houses!

Start planning your Belize adventure vacation by emailing info@cavesbranch.com or calling toll free: 1-866-357-2698.

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