Hiking Adventures in Belize – Great For Your Heart, Mind, and Body

hiking in belize

Belize is just a short flight away from North America, but its exotic wildlife, unparalleled natural beauty, and thriving eco-system make it truly a world away. In Belize, the sound of birds and the perfume in the air from hundreds of flowering plant species are far more common than the hustle and bustle of modern life in the United States and Canada. That’s why Belize is one of the best places in the world to unplug, relax, and unwind.

Although it may not sound glamorous, one of the most popular activities in Belize is hiking through the jungle. Far from any wireless internet signal, shopping mall, or noisy highway, the jungles are, instead, an oasis of natural beauty, color, and tranquility. Everywhere you look, you’ll spot incredible examples of nature at its finest, ranging from elusive jaguars to tiny frogs and insect that make the jungle thrum with energy.

The rainforests and jungles of Belize are some of the most eco-diverse locations on the planet. Abundant rainfall and the warm climate combine to make the jungle a haven for majestic hardwood trees and fragile flowers like the black orchid (Belize’s national flower). All these plants and trees pump out tremendous quantities of oxygen, and many visitors report that they breathe better and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep when in the jungle.

Other benefits of hiking through the jungle is the chance to re-acquaint oneself with their natural rhythms. In the jungle, there are no clocks, phones, or timetables, and everything moves at a much more organic pace. The jungle is the perfect place to gaze in wonder at a tiny flower or gasp in amazement as a flock of scarlet macaws wing their way through the canopy.

Best of all, hiking in the great outdoors of the Belizean jungle is a great way to improve your overall health. Hiking helps tone and condition your muscles, reduce your blood pressure, and help clear your mind and heart.

One of the best places to stay for travelers wishing to explore the natural beauty of Belize is Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Located in the heart of central Belize’s pristine jungle and as the premier adventure company in Belize, Caves Branch offers five-star comfort and luxury in a facility that is elegantly integrated into the surrounding nature.  A leader in cave and jungle expeditions, Caves Branch offers a collection of Jungle & Nature hikes, Overnight Jungle as well as Overnight Caving Expeditions that even include an Overnight Honeymoon Cave Adventure and of course, our 3 Night/4 Day Jungle Survival Expedition that provides a first-hand experience on fending for yourself in the wilds of Belize’s rich rainforest.

Caves Branch is home to one of the country’s largest botanical gardens, tree houses with outstanding views of the surrounding jungle, and a family-style restaurant serving up healthy portions of fresh veggies, breads, delectable meat & vegetarian dishes for every meal.

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