The Best Treehouse Adventure for Family Getaways Ever!

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Kiss ordinary family vacations goodbye. Take an adventure trip to Belize and see what happens!

Whether you live in an urban setting or you’ve got lots of yard circling your house, it’s a known fact that children don’t get enough time to explore the universe around them thanks to well-meaning “helicopter parents” who fill their kids’ schedules with so many activities, they may go days without having unstructured fun!

This doesn’t take into account the hours of time children spend staring at electronics devices.

If extracurricular activities like music lessons, gymnastics, Scouts and after-school sports keep your child on the go, there’s a big chance she is going to miss out on important aspects of self-directed fun and imagination.

It’s gotten so bad, say researchers at the National Wildlife Foundation, “The average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day.” Isn’t it time to remedy that and get your kids into Mother Nature’s playground?

Kids love treehouses. Parents do, too.

Belize Tree Houses

What’s the remedy? How about a treehouse? And suppose that treehouse is located within an adventure lodge that’s just a few hours away from the U.S. by plane? If we’ve got your attention, allow us to direct you to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, frequently called the adventure capital of Belize. A visit to the website is likely to convince you that Caves Branch is like nothing else this close to home.

Treehouses remind moms and dads that their childhoods may be reduced to memories but the feelings one gets living out in nature never go away. Caves Branch is designed to help people of all ages push their boundaries, so while treehouse interiors offer surprisingly luxurious appointments, it’s the adventures family members take once they leave their lofty digs that turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary one.

Oh, the things you will see!

When Dr. Seuss first published his book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” he had no idea that this book would wind up being on gift lists for adults and kids. Going places is a natural part of being curious, and every aspect of a trip to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge triggers a child’s imagination.

From adventure tours that include cave tubing, dropping into a black hole tethered to a safety rig and wandering underground caves where Maya shaman once practiced sacred rituals, there are endless things to see and places to go.

You won’t be the first parents to have a hard time convincing your kids to leave your treehouse because they love it up there, but the Lodge compound is an equally amazing place to wander. Surrounded by lush botanical gardens and offering a cooling respite after all of those adventures in the Lodge’s swimming pool, every minute of your trip will be filled with jungle sights and sounds.

When mealtime arrives, you’re not going to have to convince your kids to clean their plates, either. Not only are meals delicious but they’re healthy, too. Award-winning chefs use locally-grown produce and fresh-caught seafood to prepare meals for Lodge guests of all ages. Even picky eaters surprise their parents after full-days on the go.

You can even save money if you act quickly

Save a bundle by booking an all inclusive Belize adventure package that takes care of every detail of your stay. Packages include that treehouse, meals and kid-friendly adventure tours. These deals are simply too good to turn down, say parents who are repeat guests and who are always looking to save money.

Check out these special rates. Read the information twice if you can’t believe your eyes. How can you say no? Remember mom and dad, this is your adventure, too, so make sure the kids don’t have all the fun during your treehouse stay!

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