Mayan Magic … That’s What They Called Us!

Bill Milligan has written a beautiful article for Caribbean News Digital taking us from way back when Ian Anderson Caves Branch was “a few palapa huts” to almost present day, since this article was posted in 2010. Read on to see a bit of what he says!

“Whether student, young, old, retired, out of shape or whatever, there is a wealth of fascinating things to do here, walking, ruins exploration, cave tubing, jungle safaris after dark, trekking with local bushmen and ultimately the most challenging, a 4-day/3 night hard-core “Jungle Survival” trek with only a machete and bushman guide.”

“All of Ian Andersons guides have been handpicked and received extensive training in cave and wilderness rescue/wilderness first aid and are founding members of the ‘Belize Cave and Wilderness Rescue Team’, recognized by the United States FEMA organization.  Our adventures with Cave Tubing and the Black Hole Drop were made much easier with the professionalism and dedication of the well trained guides.”

Click here to read the rest of this intriguing article. Thank you Bill, we hope to see you again very soon!

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