WARNING: Extreme Weather Is So Bad in North America, Escape to Sunny Belize Instead

The winter weather conditions in America and Canada right now are no joke. While the conditions vary according to region, the cold weather in some places is severe enough to border on a legitimate crisis. Throughout the Midwest, the United States Postal Service has suspended their services in preparation of impending snowstorms. That’s a serious pronouncement from a department that promises that “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. Minnesota is predicted to see temperatures dipping to 70 degrees below wind chill, and the National Weather Service office has warned that exposure for as little as five minutes to the cold could lead to frostbite. Jack Frost has an ax to grind, and he seems to be taking it out on North Americans. 

Fortunately, there is a guaranteed remedy to the dreariness and the cold. While North America is in the midst of a winter weather emergency, the citizens of Belize are living their best lives. They’re lucky to sit right near the equator, and while that means temperate and tropical weather all year long, it’s an especially tantalizing promise when Americans are forced to wear their snowshoes day and night. Best of all, we’re right in the middle of Belize’s dry season. That means Americans ready to migrate south for the winter can experience months of uninterrupted sunshine. 

With direct flights straight to Belize, there’s no reason to not trade in your ear muffs, parks, and heavy boots for sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, and flip-flops. Just be sure to bring your sunscreen with you. Returning home with the perfect tan is sure to make your friends and family jealous, but they might just mistake an egregious sunburn for frostbite. 

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And while the people you’ve left behind are spending all afternoon shoveling snow from their front lawns, you can be luxuriating on the sun-dappled beaches of the Caribbean sea. While they’re keeping themselves warm with hot cocoa, you can be enjoying mai-tais and quenching your thirst with ice cold Belikin – the national beer of Belize. The waters are warm here, and there’s no better time to get your feet wet. That could mean taking a leisurely tubing trip through the inland jungles and caves, or it could mean strapping on scuba gear and getting face to face with the majestic and gentle nurse sharks that populate Belize’s barrier reef. And if you get sick of the beaches, there’s always the remains of ancient Maya cities and nature reserves dedicated to exotic local birds and jaguars. Make new friends at the crowded coastal bars, or venture off alone for a little peace and quiet. The people of Belize are friendly, but it’s also one of the most underpopulated countries around, and that makes it easy to get alone time. Just be sure to snap some pics to send back home. 

Whatever your reason for visiting, be sure to check in with Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Belize’s premier adventure company is ready to roll out the red carpet and help you explore this tropical wonderland in style.

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