The Hummingbird Highway in Belize

Hummingbird Highway in Belize

Belize is a spectacularly beautiful country, and there are few better ways to explore it than by enjoying a scenic drive along the Hummingbird Highway. 

The Hummingbird Highway is a modern, paved, two-lane roadway that was inaugurated in 1994. The Hummingbird Highway measures approximately 53 miles (86 km) long and connects Belmopan, the national capital, to Dangriga on the southeastern coast. The Hummingbird Highway offers a panoramic view of all of the different landscapes in Belize. Starting in the west, the Hummingbird Highway passes through the northern part of the Maya Mountain range, crosses several scenic rivers, and passes through fragrant citrus orchards before ending just a short distance from the beach outside of Dangriga. 

It only takes two hours to drive the full length of the Hummingbird Highway, but few travelers ever make it so quickly because there are just too many scenic spots to stop and enjoy the view or take some unforgettable photos. And don’t be surprised to see some interesting animals, birds, and insects during your drive, including over a dozen different species of hummingbirds. Along the way, you can also find some charming Mom and Pop restaurants serving authentic Creole food, homemade ice cream, and other delicious treats. There are also several villages nestled along the route. 

Other attractions on the Hummingbird Highway include the St. Herman’s Cave and Inland Blue Hole National Park (mile 12.2), the bridge over the Sibun River (mile 18.6), Five Blues Lake (mile 23), the scenic Hummingbird Gap (mile 26), the bridge over the Mullins River (mile 34.7) and Dangriga. Note: Mile marker information refers to starting in Belmopan and heading east. 

Starting from Belize City, the Hummingbird Highway is the fastest way to get to both the western and southern parts of the country. In fact, getting to places like Dangriga, Placencia, and Punta Gorda in the south is fastest by taking the George Price Highway (also called the Western Highway) to Belmopan before connecting to the Hummingbird Highway for points further south. 

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