How To Do A Belize Adventure Vacation Off The Beaten Path


Belize has become a popular enough travel destination that there are no lack of popular activities. Scuba diving in the Blue Hole or venturing into ancient Maya ruins are some of the most popular options, but there are plenty of underrepresented and creative opportunities if you’re looking to dig deeper. Whether you’re in Belize for the tenth time and looking for a change of pace or just trying to get a little more creative during your first vacation there, the five options below can provide you with a one of a kind experience.

Learn How to Make Chocolate

learn how to make belizean chocolate

The Belize Chocolate Company in San Pedro is the most popular place for tourists to learn how to make chocolate, but there are a few places that offer this service spread all throughout the country. Regardless of the provider you choose, you’ll start in the fields, tasting cacoa beans while learning about Belize’s rich history with the product. Once you have your beans picked out, you’ll make use of a traditional grinding stone to make chocolate bars in the same way that the Mayas did hundreds of years ago.

Perform like the Garifuna

garifuna belize

The Garifuna occupy a unique role in the diverse cultural landscape of Belize. Descended from a combination of local indigenous people and African slaves, their culture blends together their African and local roots to create a way of life that’s not quite like anything else. Dancing and drum playing is at the heart of their cultural expression, and these people are always friendly enough to offer music lessons to visitors to their villages.

Take the Marie Sharps Factory Tour

marie sharps belize


Marie Sharp’s is one of the most popular hot sauces in Belize, but the entire operation is overseen by a crew of roughly 17 staff. Located near Dangriga, the factory is smaller and cozier than it might sound from the name, and the small group of workers are ready to provide you with a thoughtful and deep dive into the history of Marie Sharp’s and what goes into the production of their esteemed habanero sauces.

Tour a Maya Village

belize maya people

Just because the great cities of the Mayas are all ruins doesn’t mean that their heritage doesn’t continue to live on. Constituting 11% of Belize’s population, the descendants of the Mayas keep the heritage of their people alive in spacious villages throughout the country that rely largely on farming. Staying with the Mayas is certainly a change of pace from life in a big metropolis like Belize City.

Stay in a Treehouse at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge


Staying in a Jungle Treehouse in Belize

You could stay in a traditional hotel or resort, but why not get a little more fun with it? Caves Branch Lodge is one of the most acclaimed jungle lodges in Belize, but its suites are located in spacious and modern treehouses that provide a distinctly different experience than more traditional lodgings can.

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