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Solo Adventure Travelers Call Us Home!       

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A solo traveler can feel a great sense of fulfillment in knowing that they have traveled and arrived safely at their destination – especially if it is near halfway around the world. Such a person is one of the most brave to exist, but there is often a time where every solo adventure traveler feels alone. Here at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch we try to extend the family feel to all our guests. The minute a person starts to make their way down that narrow jungle wrapped entrance to the lodge, they are already considered a part of our extended family!

“I stayed at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch for 3 nights and from the minute I arrived I immediately felt like part of their extended family. Being a solo traveler it can often be daunting to come down by yourself at meal times but at Caves Branch they encourage everyone to sit together and socialize. I never once felt alone and even at breakfast I met new friends.” – TripAdvisor User

Dinner Time at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

If you planned to come to Ian Anderson's Caves Branch or happen to just wander off here, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime. At night the CB guides will talk to each person individually, to answer their questions or concerns, and sign them up for adventures. Some adventurers think that they come with a set schedule but that’s most often not the case. After talking to their new found friends, they decide they too want to try the tour that their friends were talking about at dinner time.  

“I signed up for the black hole drop and the waterfall caves during my stay and as I did each activity I could feel my confidence growing. You will definitely leave a different person!” – TripAdvisor User

Belize Black Hole Drop

Belize Waterfall Expedition

The tours range in various difficulty levels. Some of them are not for the faint of heart and some of them can be attempted by older persons or even children as young as 7 years old. Everyone fits in at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. We are your adventure vacation home in the jungle.

“There's such a great social vibe here that I was so sad to leave and if I ever come back to the area, this will definitely be my first port of call.” – TripAdvisor User

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge

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