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Belize Jungle & Nature Hikes: Good for Body, Soul & Mind      

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We don’t really need to convince you that being around nature and hiking is actually great for the body, soul and mind. You already know this – but why is it good? Later in this blog post we will explore a few points that help us understand why this is such a good thing for all of us; besides being a fun activity to enjoy alone or with friends, there are several health benefits that can be of a great advantage to you. The benefits should not be underestimated!

  • Over time, hiking can strengthen the heart and lungs, which can lead to reduced risk of ailments such as heart attack and stroke. It also plays a significant role in helping to lower high cholesterol. It is an excellent cardiovascular and respiratory exercise.
  • Hikers tend to have a restful and better night’s sleep.
  • Hikers can burn between 300 and 500 calories an hour, depending on how strenuous the hike is, as well as the age, weight, and gender of the hiker. Burning calories can help to maintain a healthy weight and encourage a faster metabolism, which can lead to a decreased risk for diabetes, heart troubles, and joint issues.
  • Hiking in the Jungle can give you access to the cleanest, fresh air among so many plants.
  • Hiking outdoors will help you feel closer to nature and natural rhythms, which may increase your happiness and help you to feel more fulfilled.
  • The gradual strengthening of muscles & bones throughout the body can also help to reduce joint pain. This also helps to reduce the loss of bone density.
  • Hikers have commented that this exercise has helped to boost their mood and decrease tension and stress.
  • Hiking in Belize can be a great way to meet fellow guest from all over the world.
  • Hiking can be inspirational for writers, artists and anyone who needs a little inspiration or even meditation

If you would like go on a hiking adventure or celebrate your hiking success in Belize, here are some of the tours that include hiking/treading in the jungle. You will definitely get a workout as well as an enjoyable time that will be appropriate for all family members who are relatively fit. They are a selection of the tours that Ian Anderson's Cave Branch offers. Have fun walking and hiking in the jungle!

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