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Could the Mayans have contributed to their own demise?      

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Have you all heard the stories of how magnificent the Mayan civilization was? It was so spread out over Central America that the empire included more than 19 million people between 250 and 900 AD. But now all that is left is a reminder of their engineering skills and their beliefs and culture. In our country we have the Belize Mayan ruins complete with exciting stories, and relics of human remains in caves along with pottery and other things.

Could it be that something happened and if it weren’t for that, we would still be able to have more descendants of this beautiful and exciting culture among us today? Do you know what supposedly caused the demise of the Mayan civilization? It was a prolonged drought.  What if the Mayan people contributed to this? Could the Mayans have made the drought worse with crops?

Visiting Belize Mayan Ruins

U.S. scientists say, “Mayans may have hastened the demise of their civilization by clearing forests, making an already naturally drying climate drier.”  It is suspected that this prolonged drought somehow contributed to eventual collapse or the civilization.

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