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How many different ways can you spell “Belize”?      

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BELIZE (BELICE in spanish) – What, Where, & Why  

Belize - River

Belize is a commonly misspelled word. The most common misspellings are, “balese, balize, believe, belieze, belizes, Belizean, belizze, belizee and beliz”. How many different ways can you spell “Belize”?

Belize is the most beautiful country in the world (in the eyes of CB). It is located on the coast of the Caribbean sea surrounded by many Spanish speaking Central American countries. Belize’s main language is English, however, many other languages are spoken here such as Spanish, Maya, Ketchi, Garifuna, Kriol, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese. Most people in Belize will admit to speaking two or more languages.



Where did the name “Belize” come from?  Wikipedia (2012) says that the origin is unclear but there is a possibility that it is derived from a Maya word, “belix” which means “muddy water”. “Others have suggested that it is derived from a Spanish pronunciation of the name of the Scottish buccaneer Peter Wallace, which was applied to an early settlement along the Belize River and to the river itself. Belize has a sizeable proportion of Africans from the ancient Kingdom of Kongo, who could have brought the name with them, as there is a Belize in Angola as well.”

It does not matter which of the following terms you use: “balese, balize, believe, belieze, belizes, Belizean, belizze, belizee or  beliz”, Belize will still be a beautiful nation filled with adventure and the perfect place for an all-inclusive vacation.

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