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Nana Vs. Nanny      

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When going on a trip how do you decide who to take to help you watch over the kids, is this even needed at CB? It must be a fair decision (even if Nana is your mother) you must value everyone’s argument – maybe even the kids.
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You are going on the adventure of your life. You and your wonderful spouse really want to have a nice time at this little Central American country called Belize. At night you both discuss whether who’s mom would be best to watch the kids or if you would need to take your nanny along. You really wish that the kids (age: 6.5 - 15) did not have to miss out on such a great experience.

After all, it is safe for the kids to participate in the adventures that include: rappelling, cave tubing, climbing Mayan ruins, zip line, and the Zoo & Baboon sanctuary tour.

The kids, who feel that they are mature enough to not need a nanny, choose their beloved nana. Both you and your spouse know that the nanny does a better job with handling the kids and their little tantrums before sleeping time…
WHO do you choose??

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Caves Branch’s Advice:

This is no question – bring Nana! Make sure that your nana loves nature and is willing to participate in the tours or hang out at the lodge and pass on some of the more difficult tours. She can visit the botanical gardens or bathe in the pool or nap during the day. Nana is family - how could you deprive yourself and your kids of a fantastic bonding time like this one? The family will be closer than ever – but this is about the kids not about nana.

We promise, our guides are good with kids and they are keen on safety – your kids will be safe on the tours. They will be so tired at night they will fall asleep before they could take a proper shower on some nights. If you see they are not sleepy, hang out with them by the pool this will definitely wear them out.

When going on the tours – don’t worry! They will all be so excited they will be moving along faster than you. They will take lead and take care of themselves so you won’t need to. You can relax - they won’t be holding back the group or complain about how cold the water is. They would enjoy absolutely every minute. You, your spouse, kids and nana will share this memory for the rest of your lives – how cool is that?!

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