5 Reasons Why Belize Tree Houses Are an Adventure


Many travelers who seek adventure do not consider their accommodations an adventure; however, perhaps that perspective would be different if they stayed in one of our Belize tree houses.  
Belize Tree Houses
The tree houses are part of Ian Anderson Caves Branch but it is also more than that – here are 5 reasons why we think our tree houses are an Adventure:
1. Tree houses have both indoor and outdoor showers.
2. Screened walls allows the jungle sounds and smells to seep in to give a real adventurous experience – it can be lovely or scary – or both.
3. What’s more adventurous than sleeping in an oversized tree house with all the amenities among the tree tops. upper branches of a tree.
4. There are Riverview tree houses and canopy view tree houses: each has a different experience for guests. 
5. Tree houses are located at Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge!
Take a virtual tour of our Belize treehouses and prepare yourself for an “adventurous” accommodation at a jungle lodge.


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