Best Adventure Tree Houses in Belize For Families  

Tree Houses in Belize For Families

Who doesn’t love the idea of sleeping in a treehouse? They’re iconic, practical and did we mention fun? Tell a child you’re taking him on a vacation to an exotic place that’s just a few hours away by plane, add the fact that the family will sleep in a treehouse and brace yourself. There’s a good chance you’ll be smothered in hugs!

Of course, there are treehouses and there are treehouses. Perhaps the most amazing ones can be found at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize where the architecture looks rugged outside but step foot inside and you won’t be the first visitor to rethink your definition of a treehouse. These are 5-Star digs.

Caves Branch founder Ian Anderson commissioned lofty exteriors that coordinate with the jungle environment, but inside, he asked interior designers to create luxurious havens that stop first-time visitors in their tracks. These spacious, beautifully appointed lodgings are just steps from a world-class restaurant and pool.

Your kids will agree that a treehouse vacation makes you the coolest parents on the planet, so everyone gets a taste of the good life during a family stay in the jungle.

Parents can encourage a child’s curiosity and independence by exposing him to one-of-a-kind adventures that may include sailing, snorkeling, cave tubing and more contemplative activities like bird watching, the Belize Zoo, and seasonal tours filling the Lodge’s menu.

Family All Inclusive Vacations in Tree Houses

Here’s the best part: Ian Anderson has designed programs just for children of every age, so parents can relax, get the rest they crave and know that no matter the age of their brood, there are things to do that will resonate in their offspring’s imagination for decades to come. See for yourself what your kids can look forward to on a Belize family adventure at Caves Branch.

Taking your children to Belize on a family holiday does more than get everyone together without being bombarded by the usual electronic diversions. The Lodge is designed to promote rest, restoration and healing within an environment that exposes children to multi-cultural experiences they might never have experienced back home.

Belize Tree Houses Family Vacations

But in the interest of transparency, we issue this warning: You may return home to find angry neighbors at your front door whose children want to know why they can’t go on a treehouse adventure, too! Your response? Give them a link to the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and recommend a summer visit while rates are low. Works every time.

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