Caves Branch sponsors the 2012 Belize National Chess Olympiad

Ian Anderson's Caves Branch owners Ian and Ella not only have a passion for adventure but also for helping young people reach their full potentional. To inspire the young people of Belize they founded and run the National Youth Chess Foundation. To give the children and youth a chance to put their chess skill to work, the Chess Foundation brings together the best chess players from across the nation to compete in the Annual Belize National Chess Olympiad. Ian Anderson's Caves Branch is the main sponsor of the event (along with other local businesses) and the whole CB staff gets involved by setting up, getting in character as knights, and running the event.


Over 200 hundred players participated this year from cities and villages

as far south at Punta Gorda and as far norths as Corozal.



The Olympiad began with pomp and regality, including Garifuna drumming:


marching Bands:



and stilt wakers:



The teams entered one by one with their hand-made banners
(the knights along the sides are CB staff):




Then the games began (5 rounds of chess):



200 focused kids:




Between games there was LOTS to do…
like dance…



make kites…



get your face painted…



or watch a full-size live chess game:



The day was broadcast live on LoveFM and narrated by International Grand Master Maurice Ashley who flew in from New York:



Tournament directors and volunteers helped from all over the country:



PS- when you come to Caves Branch you'll see the chess castle at the welcome center!


At the end of the busy day hundreds of awards were handed out including: "best player" in each age division, "most respectful player", "best sportsmanship", "best banner", "best female players",
"oldest and youngest players":


and of course "Best Team" overall:


EVERYONE had a great time and even Ian Anderson who was busy all day,

had a little time to laugh with the tournament Queen and King:


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