Bug Photography & Adventure Workshop – Sept. 2013

Our Bug Photography workshop that was held in January 2013 was a success! Everyone learned so much and had lots of fun! There were many beautiful pictures from this work shop. Click here to see a few of them.

Another awesome Bug Photography & Adventure workshop is scheduled for this year, hosted at Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge! This time the instructors will be Alex Wild, John Abbott and Thomas Shahan.

BugShot – Belize: September 22 – 29 2013

Belize Bug Photography Workshop - September

Click here to see more details and the planned schedule for the days that you will be in Belize. It will be one of the most exciting adventures while you learn to capture the life of the jungle. This is a perfect opportunity to visit a new place and have fun while learning and meeting new people. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW spaces are limited.

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