Belize is a Birder’s Paradise

An advanced Birding Course organized by the National Audubon Society in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) saw the participation of 21 birding trainees from across Belize endure five weeks of rigorous training. Among those that took the course is Caves Branch’s very own Esperansa Gaitan, who was one of two females that will be fully certified and recognized by the Belize Tourism Board as an expert Bird Guide. Gaitan expressed her excitement to the BAS- Sponsors and the facilitators of this course. Her interest in the skills and training earned in this course are being applied in her bird watching tours at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge
Caves Branch Bird Watching
The 5 weeks of intense learning, sharing knowledge and experiences, promises to take bird guiding to the next level. Facilitators and participants agree that birders from abroad can now come to Belize and enjoy not only the birds, but knowledgeable & capable guides with a legitimate passion for conservation and vast knowledge of the uniquely diverse bird population of Belize. Facilitators for this course were Roni Martinez and Phillip Balderamos and the advanced course was made possible through the Multi-Lateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) of the Inter-American Development Bank.
Caves Branch Bird Watching
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