A Howler-ween Affair at Caves Branch

Spotting roaming Howler Monkeys while staying in one of our jungle accommodations can be a welcoming treat for visitors to our Lodge…and if you never heard the thunderous bellows of a Howler Monkey, your first time will be very special as you learn about these primates unique call in the wild.



Caves Branch Jungle Lodge co-exists peacefully alongside nature; the open canopy surroundings make it possible to admire the lush scenery and spot wildlife in and around the camp- whether its birds, ground animals or even the dark & hairy visitors that grace us with their loud and boisterous calls from the trees.

Interesting facts about Howler Monkeys:

  • Their calls are said to be the loudest noise produced by any land animal.
  • Male howler monkeys use the calls to assess neighbouring troops.
  • These gorgeous and powerful primates travel in troops of up to ten.
  • They gorge mostly on leaves, fruits, and flowers and rarely venture to the ground.
  • The males’ deep, resounding howls sound like lions roar, but actually serve as communication among and between troops. Remember- it’s not an everyday occurrence that you are able to catch a glimpse these agile tree acrobats in their most natural habitats.
  • The Howler & Yucatan Spider Monkey are known to be some of the largest primates of the Americas.



You can consider yourself lucky to HEAR them rather than see them as the dense jungle canopies shields these beautiful creatures most of the time… and if you do see them – well then it is nature at its best!



At Caves Branch Lodge we encourage the "no touching" rule of conservation, Enjoy nature but leave it where it belongs and in this case – they belong dangling in the trees of our jungle canopy. 

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