Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is “for the Birds”!

From the exotic Blue Crowned Mot-Mot to the elusive Keel-Billed Toucan (the national bird of Belize), these and other beautiful winged creatures are our most colorful guests in the area of Belize where Caves Branch Jungle Lodge’s 50,000 acre estate is situated. To confirm what we already knew for years, our lodge was asked to join the Annual Bird-A-Thon, held this past May 2016, for which we enjoyed the taste of victory at wining the H. Lee Jones Cup trophy from the Belize Raptor Research Institute. Caves Branch Lodge topped the competition with “206” species within a 24 hour period- making the property the “birdiest” destination in Belize.


At any given day, all types of birds in their illustrious plumage frequent our property grounds; while others require an early morning tour to encounter their distinctive calls and habits.  Take a look at this short clip of this beautiful tiny bird- the Rufous Tailed Hummingbird- which was filmed on our property.


Rapidly becoming a mecca for bird watchers from around the globe,  the pristine landscapes of Belize are home to nearly 600 species of birds. It is hard not to become enthused about the spectacular variety of feathered creatures one encounters during their visit & tours, accompanied by the most patient and expert guides who easily point out the “call” before the bird. These highly trained bird freaks are so tuned to nature that they can pick up a bird call and tell you exactly what species it is as well as the gender.


With the country’s avian diversity nothing short of spectacular, many avid bird lovers and researchers are striving to tap into a new nest egg- Bird Tourism. Quite a number of tourism stakeholders, partners and private entities are banding together to keep bird conservation at the fore-front of visitor awareness.  Several bird conservation organizations are working long and hard to make tour operators & eco-resorts step into this blooming adventure genre and be part of the benefits to local communities.


December 12th and 13th were dates where group of eager young people were part of a two day birding course at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. These young minds all have one common interest:  A highly dedicated appreciation for the birds of Belize and in educating the public on the magnificent species that roam Belize and the region.  



We sat down with Roni Martinez, who hails from San Ignacio, Belize and is the Field Operations Manager at Scarlet Six Bio-monitoring Team. Martinez gave us his take on this incredible birding project that is starting to take flight.



Roni is one of the most vocal birding guides in Belize and has established that the major threat to our avian population is the loss of habitat and illegal poaching. From what was a 90% poaching rate within the span of a decade, has been reduced to almost 1% in the past two years, thanks to the efforts of bird activists from Belize and international friends. While it is our responsibility to protect the Birds of Belize and their habitats, for many nothing is better than wandering in nature and observing these birds in their most natural settings.


Our All-inclusive Belize Vacation Packages at Caves Branch gives you the grand and unparalleled opportunity to embark on a phenomenal bird tour –giving you a glimpse at the gorgeous and unique winged creatures in our area of Belize.


They say that “birds of a feather flock together,” which is why we invite you to Belize for an unforgettable chance to sees some of the most precious avian species found in the world!


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