Belize, the ideal haven for birders

With an extremely varied landscape that includes river deltas, mountain ranges, wetlands, rainforests, coastline, and jungles, Belize has a thriving ecosystem that abounds with birds. More than 580 species of migratory and local birds have been recorded in Belize, including the Spot-breasted Oriole, Collared Forest Falcon, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Canada Goose, and Crested Caracara.

From the moment you step off the plane, the sight and sound of birds are everywhere, forming an integral backdrop to the daily rhythms of life in Belize. The Audubon Society is very active in Belize and have cataloged six Important Bird Areas (IBAs), many of which are administered or co-managed by the Audubon Society in protected nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks.

In 2006, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge was awarded the title of the Best Birding Destination in Belize. The award came in recognition of what visitors and guests to the Caves Branch area had known for decades – the area of western Belize where the lodge is located is the best bird watching area in the country thanks to the pristine wildlife and biodiverse habitat that allows hundreds of avian species to thrive.

Caves Branch now offers comprehensive bird watching vacation packages for guests in search of eco-friendly, nature-based activities. The birding package includes daily treks to the best places in Belize in which to glimpse unique species, including the colorful Keel-billed Toucan, the exotic Mot-Mot bird, and noisy Toucanets. Bird enthusiasts will enjoy the opportunity to see dozens of avian species in their natural habitat while learning about ongoing conservation efforts in Belize to protect and save endangered species. Other interesting bird species that can be found in Belize include the Jabiru Stork, Red-footed Booby, Ocellated Turkey, Magnificent Frigate bird, Harpy Eagle, and Scarlet Macaw.

Caves Branch Lodge birding package can be done solo or combined with a grand beach destination to cap off a perfect vacation in Belize.

Caves Branch Lodge was founded more than 20 years ago by a Canadian adventurer who wanted to secure a permanent base of operations to enjoy exploring the diverse wildlife and natural beauty of western Belize. Today, Caves Branch Lodge offers five-star luxury accommodations in a gorgeous natural setting in the heart of Belize's eco-tourism district.

Caves Branch Lodge is the perfect place to stay for nature lovers and vacationers who want to explore the rich majesty and quiet beauty of nature in Belize.


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