The Best Summer Adventure Honeymoon Destination

With all the meticulous planning required to organize a wedding, it may seem like choosing a honeymoon would be relatively simple. But when it comes time to planning a honeymoon, there are few traditions, customs, and rules to follow. Your honeymoon is supposed to be a time to get away with your new spouse and spend some alone time.

But where to go? And what do you want to do on your honeymoon? Many couples start with picking a beautiful location and a nice hotel or resort. But should you create a daily itinerary or just wing it by ear? Should you focus on relaxation, such as lounging by the beach and professional massages, or would you two have more fun participating in exciting activities like hiking through the jungle, zip lining, and horseback riding?

The good news is that Belize has it all. Just a few hours' flying time from major cities across the United States and Canada, Belize is an exotic getaway destination that's perfect for honeymooners. Beautiful resorts located in pristine nature, plenty to do and see, and fantastic food are just part of what makes Belize so special.

Belize is an English-speaking country located just south of Mexico, but it really does feel like a world away. In Belize, there are no traffic jams, shopping malls, or zombies walking around glued to their smartphones. Instead, the scents of thousands of flowering plants fill the air, and you're more likely to see a giant iguana crossing the road than a car.

Belize truly has it all: beautiful beaches, tropical islands, majestic waterfalls, misty mountains, untamed jungle, and hauntingly beautiful rainforests teeming with exotic birds and wildlife. And few sights can compare to seeing the sun rise over a mysterious Maya pyramid located deep in the jungle.

If you're searching for the ideal summer honeymoon destination, choose Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Located in the heart of Belize's jungle, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is an oasis of tranquil beauty. Caves Branch has attractively priced Belize honeymoon packages that include everything you'll need for an unforgettable holiday, including luxury lodgings, meals, drinks, and exciting outdoor adventures.

The honeymoon package includes your choice of guided adventures that you and your new spouse will be sure to enjoy. Whether you choose to take on the ultimate challenge of an overnight expedition to a cave or prefer more relaxing activities like bird watching, the days will fly by when you honeymoon at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.

Contact Caves Branch Lodge today and start planning your summer honeymoon vacation!

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