Looking for a Classic Caribbean Vacation? Arthur Frommer Suggests Belize

Belize Caribbean Vacations

When many North Americans think about a Caribbean vacation, they may think about staying at a beachfront resort or booking a cruise reservation. However, there may be a more unique and better way to experience all that the Caribbean offers. Belize is visited annually by approximately one million travelers each year, but most are cruise ship passengers who only step foot on land at each port for a few hours. Because Belize is relatively untouched by tourism, it may be the picture-perfect vacation destination for your next getaway.

Belize shares many geographic and cultural characteristics with Costa Rica, but it has not yet been spoiled by excessive commercialization. This means that Belize provides you with an authentic and relaxed Caribbean experience. More than that, the official language in this country is English, which makes it easy to communicate with locals and may help you to feel more at home while you are traveling.

Belize’s elongated shape gives you access to many miles of beautiful beaches as well as coral reefs, but this country also offers much more to explore. Interior Belize is comprised of lush jungles with an abundance of tropical wildlife. The landscape is mixed with caves, rivers, waterfalls and other features. Because there are so many varied landscapes and geographic features throughout the country, you can enjoy an incredible mix of varied outdoor adventures on your trip.

History and culture are also abundant throughout the area. When you are not relaxing at a resort pool, playing at the beach or enjoying jungle and cave adventures, you can enjoy excursions that take you to different smaller and larger cities, museums, historical sites and more. Some excursions may even cross over to nearby countries, such as Guatemala.

An important aspect of vacation planning involves choosing the right lodging. You understandably want to enjoy an authentic Caribbean experience wherever you stay. You also need the lodging to be pampering and well-appointed with amenities, and numerous adventures and experiences should be available nearby.

Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is a gorgeous option to consider, and it is well-suited for romantic getaways, honeymoons and family vacations. Caves Branch is an award-winning jungle lodge that boasts numerous sizes of stunning treehouse accommodations nestled in the jungle canopy. Amenities include a beautiful pool, a restaurant that serves many locally-sourced foods, a massage center and more. Adventure tours and excursions may also be scheduled through the lodge.
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