Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation. You Can Make it Happen!

Dad Needs a Belize Adventure Vacation

BBC News Business Reporter Dave Gordon reveals the ugly truth: Kids spend less money on Father’s Day gifts than they do on gifts for mom. It’s all about mindset, says Dr. Lars Perner, University of Southern California psychology professor. “Most of us think our mothers deserve better or bigger presents.” The reason? Moms are considered to be bigger contributors to home life and they’re seen as making more sacrifices.

Seriously? Today’s dads are equally deserving of being treated like kings because they do so much, which is why your dad deserves a priceless adventure that he’ll never forget: a visit to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize.

5 Great reasons to take Dad to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge
-He can sleep in a treehouse and feel like the king of the jungle
-Cave’s Branch’s adventure menu offers a huge range of tours and experiences
-The food at the Lodge is nothing short of amazing and the bar is fully stocked with his favorite brands
-Dad can get plenty of pool time without worrying about crowds
-You come off as the greatest kid ever! 

belize adventure vacation

Oh, they places he’ll go!
Cave’s Branch owner Ian Anderson has created a vacation world that has no equal, which is why Dad can expect challenges that test his mettle and take him a million miles away from the stress he left back home. He can:
-Rappel a 300-foot cliff and dive into the Black Hole
-Explore 7 miles of underground rivers from the comfort of an inner tube 
-Visit to Xibalba, the Maya cave that is home to underworld spirits
-Ride a horse through dense jungle or zipline over the jungle canopy
-Snorkel, scuba diving and enjoy myriad other aquatic experiences.

But my dad is sedentary, you say
No worries. There’s plenty to do that won’t require him to take risks with which he’s not comfortable. That inner tube journey was designed by Ian Anderson for people of all ages, the Lodge restaurant and bar are gathering places for some of the most fascinating guests on the planet and the onsite botanical garden is a feast for the eye and an excuse to fill more than one camera memory card. 

Further, Belize is the epicenter of bird watching and fishing expeditions can be arranged, so a great way to let Dad know that you’re treating him to a Father’s Day trip to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is to present him with card slipped into an authoritative book on birds or a Caribbean fishing guide. 

belize adventure packages vs room only

Yes, you can afford to treat Dad
Package rates in summer are so low, even families on budgets can afford to stay at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and if you and your siblings pool their money, you can surprise dad with this one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift. 

Seeing is believing. Send Dad to the Caves Branch website, hand him his favorite beverage and give him time to browse to his heart’s content. There’s only one downside to treating your father to this extraordinary experience: You’ll have to think long and hard to top this gift when next year rolls around.

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