Zip-line: A Must Do Adventure Tour in Belize

What is a zip line adventure? To put it simply, it’s a series of steel cables that connect to platforms located high up in the jungle canopy. By strapping into a safety harness, visitors can get as close to possible to what it must feel like for a bird flying through the air.

But zip lines are so much more than that. Zip lines are completely safe to enjoy, but they offer a unique thrill that you just can’t find anywhere else. The only “danger” in zip lines is psychological, and the simple act of stepping off a platform can provide a tremendous boost to one’s self-confidence. Indeed, many participants love zip lines adventures because this unique challenge allows them to overcome their fears.

The jungle in Belize seems tailor-made for zip lining. Entirely powered by gravity, zip lines allow participants to see a different side of the jungle, one of the most bio-diverse habitats on the planet. More than 500 species of birds can be found in Belize, and zip lines allow participants to enter the upper world of the lush jungle canopy where birds, howler monkeys, and a huge diversity of animals and plants exist.

Zip lining is not just about sailing through the air from platform to platform either. Many zip line adventures encourage participants to take the opportunity of climbing down from these remote platforms in order to explore the jungle. Instead of disturbing the environment with cars and roads, zip line platforms allow participants to seamlessly enter the natural world, giving them a great opportunity to experience the wonder of this amazing environment.

Zip lining provides lots of thrills and chills, but it is also an incredibly safe activity. Professional guides ensure that every participant is safely strapped into their harness and equipped with a helmet. From there, the magic comes from flying hundreds of feet through the jungle canopy, the closest thing that most people will ever come to actual flying.

As an additional safety precaution, participants must wear proper footwear and long hair must be tied up and tucked away inside the helmet.

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