The Best Adventure Tours in Belize

belize adventure tours

If you’re a thrill junkie, there’s potentially no better vacation destination than Belize. The diverse beauty of this nation means that you could spend years exploring the wilderness and always find something new to do, and the people of Belize have spent generations coming up with new ways to test their mettle against the environment.

Whether you’re looking to explore the caves, atolls, and islands up close and personal with a sea kayaking expedition or plunge underneath the crystal blue waters in scuba gear, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get the endorphin rush you’re looking for. And Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is a great base camp for your adventures. We can provide you with all the tools you need to explore and set you up with a comfortable home to return to once you’re done. 

Belize Adventure Tours

belize adventures

You don’t even need to leave Cave Branch to check out our signature tours. While there are plenty of options, three tours top the list. Between the Black Hole Drop, the Waterfall Cave Expedition, and the River Cave Expedition, you can get a taste of the main attractions the region has to offer. 

If you’re willing to venture a little further out (and you aren’t afraid of getting wet!), our cave tours and tubing excursions have to be seen to be believed. The Cave Branch expeditions are suitable for a wide variety of different adventures and range from leisurely tubing excursions to overnight treks into the underworld to romantic honeymoon dives. 

Then there are the Maya ruin tours. Cahal Pech and Xunantunich are two of the largest and most well preserved Mayan sites around, and Cave Branch can provide you with a comprehensive tour of both in a single excursion. Or you can take a short day trip to Guatemala to explore the majestic Tikal ruins

Finally, there’s a selection of eco tours that can get you acquainted with the local wildlife. From bird watching to overnight excursions to visits to the local jaguar or baboon sanctuaries, the guides at Cave Branch can instill respect for the delicate ecological balance that makes the Cayo District one of the most stunning stretches of nature in the world. 

Zip Lining

belize zip line tours

There are plenty of opportunities to get wet in Belize, but the zip lining adventures will leave you comfortably high and dry. The view from the platforms offer you a better perspective on the lush jungle below, but you’ll hardly have time to enjoy it as you go barreling down the line. There’s no rush quite like it. 

Horseback Riding

belize horseback riding tours

The nearby Banana Bank Equestrian Center is home to over 50 well-kept horses of various breeds, and the locals can help you get situated whether you’re an experience equestrian or completely new to riding. The journey takes you through rivers, jungle, and ruins and brings you back to the lodge while it’s still light outside. 

Snorkeling and Diving

belize scuba diving and snorkeling tours

Belize is home to the second largest natural barrier reef in the world, and it would be practically criminal to not get a look while you’re in Belize. Whether you’re looking to bob along the surface with a snorkeling mask or dive down deep with a scuba apparatus, Cave Branch can outfit you with all the gear and training you need. 

Created by Ian and Ella Anderson, Caves Branch is a jungle lodge for those who scoff at the ordinary. If you’re looking for the best adventure tours around, consider our three to seven night Belize all-inclusive packages. We offer you the opportunity to experience everything the region has to offer with no limits, and you can explore at your own pace.

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