Celebrate Romance in Belize with A ‘lil Adventure This Year – Honeymoon 2013!

You don’t need to be as romantic as you can on your honeymoon, you have time! Take your time because you’ll only have the rest of your lives together to be romantic so something a little different and have an adventure together.

Belize Honeymoon Deals - 2013

You’ve got flowers in the room and champagne and chocolates and turn down service at night! It’s going to be nice. You will be able to have your own private time and share new memories together. You’ll have a hot tub to soak after an adventurous day.

Belize Honeymoon

It’s a perfect honeymoon deal! 2013 can be a year of romance and adventure, there’s nothing wrong with being a little dirty and sweaty. Get a little dirt in your hair, get a tube or a rope and do something adventurous. Do the Black hole drop together, there’s nothing more romantic than being so scared and knowing that you have someone who will stick it out by your side till the end. You’re going to meet the hero you married.

Belize Honeymoon

For the record, I am no professional to be giving marriage advice – this is just how I imagine it could be. Try it and be sure let me know!


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