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Many people feel that they have become seniors and that adventure tours are no longer suitable for them. There is no such thing! The adventures at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch are safe as long as you are still able to call yourselves moderately fit. Here is a Guest Review that was posted on Trip Advisor about their vacation in Belize.

“This was one of the best vacations I've ever been on. Being 53 and 62 years old, we were worried we wouldn't be able to keep up or do the activities, but the guides took their time, made lots of jokes and made everyone feel comfortable. When the airport transfer was a pickup truck, I knew I was going to love it. They handed us headlamps when we arrived and took us up to our canopy tree house. Our jaws hit the floor. We went up to the roof, filled the hot tub and watched the millions of stars. Jupiter is rising now including 2 of its moons.”

Treehouse Hot Tub in Belize

“We loved the kayak trip, seeing lots of storks and herons; the 5 hours of cave tubing, meandering leisurely through 5 large caves, giggling over the cave rapids, and having lunch by the side of the river was the most fun thing we did. The Achun Tunichil Muknal cave is one of the most interesting caves in the world, complete with some crystal skeletons and a hundred indian pots. You get to swim across a small stream and hike in socks at the end. Ella's orchids are beyond belief, drawing butterflies and hummingbirds to them. During the morning birding trip we saw the Keel Billed Toucans, which are so colorful, and a white hummingbird with a iridescent green and maroon crest on it's head, called a fairy.”

Toucans in Belize

“The night hike was thrilling with lots of interesting insects, a long eared mouse eating a gigantic caterpillar, a tarantula being coaxed out of it's hole with a piece of grass, and the glowing eyes of a possum in a tree. The smell of roast coming from the kitchen as you return from your day's adventure was mouthwatering, all the friends you've made gathered around the bar drinking beer, sharing the day's exciting stories. Then after dinner getting ready to head back up to the hot tub on the roof at 9p when the lights go out, ready to drool over the stars all over again.”

This couple had a wonderful adventure vacation and this could be you too! It can be just an adventure in Belize or a bit more on the romantic side. Whatever you choose, you are absolutely going to love it. Caves Branch does not limit their guests unless safety is a concern. You can be 8 years old or like this couple said, 53 or 62 years old. All that you need is a thirst for adventure, the love for nature and the willingness to take on the challenge.

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