12 Reasons Belize Adventure Honeymoons are Trending Big Time!

Romantic all inclusive honeymoons in Belize

1. No hassle travel.

Who wants to spend those first precious hours holed up in a tourist class airline cabin when you could be making sure the hammock on your resort balcony is big enough for two? It only takes a couple of hours to get to Belize from North America; what’s more romantic than being rested and ready for love?

2. Belizeans can’t wait to welcome you.

Fall in love with everyone you meet—not as much as you love your new spouse, of course–but when you emerge from your love nest, people you meet everywhere you go are so warm and friendly, you’ll be posing for selfies with them.

3. Safety first.

Belizeans know a thing or two about what it takes to keep honeymooners content and delighted. They deliver on assurances by making certain resort properties and tourist hubs are safe and secure. No nation is totally crime-free, but you can count on Belize to have your back.

4. Size matters.

Belize is the same size as the state of Massachusetts which means that you can drive from north to south of the country in less than 5 hours. As a result, you’ll see more of the sites in half the time, so if sitting on a tour bus getting to see sites isn’t on your honeymoon list, just say, Belize please.

5. You couldn’t be bored if you tried.

Rainforests, caves, Mayan ruins, more birds than you knew existed, cultural attractions and recreational fun awaits–and there’s shopping to be done, too. By the time you return to your accommodations after your excursions, you’ll be ready for a nap. Or not so much.

6. Stay close to home.

No joke. Make Belize your honeymoon destination and remain close enough to home to get back in just hours—but you’re still far enough away from the in-laws to stop them from dropping by! Flights are frequent, and English is Belize’s first language, thus you two will feel right at home.

7. Record every moment.

Expect a calendar-worthy panorama filled with palm trees, verdant jungles, fragrant flowers, lush beaches and turquoise waters everywhere you go. Hawaii? Who wants to spend the time or money getting there when the photos you share of your Belize honeymoon with family and friends are equally breathtaking and will entice them to visit the country themselves?

8. Indulge your inner conservationist.

Belize’s commitment to sustainability and green living pervades the nation’s consciousness, from its people to its government. You could spend your entire honeymoon taking eco-tours and still not visit all of the country’s environmentally-focused sights and destinations.

9. Spend only what you can afford.

Snap up discounts and bargains during low season and return from your Belize honeymoon with cash in your wallets. Dine at fun, affordable eateries, plan excursions wisely and remember that you’re on your honeymoon, for heaven’s sake—this is no time to stay on the go 24/7.

10. Luxuriate in the diversity that is Belize.

This melting pot of people and cultures is United Nations-worthy. Expect to meet Asians, Hispanics, Mayans, Europeans; people of all colors with rich cultures on display at your honeymoon resort and everywhere you go.

11. Eat and drink up!

Contemporary Belize resorts have modern infrastructures, so water is safe and palatable and the number of highly-trained chefs employed throughout the land is mind-boggling. Honeymooners are turning Belize into the Caribbean’s most-favored destination for these reasons alone.

12. Become one with nature 24/7…

…by choosing Caves Branch Jungle Lodge as your honeymoon destination. This “off the grid” experience is designed for active couples and includes a 5-night all-inclusive Belize honeymoon package that is simply unforgettable. It’s impossible not to make lifelong memories here—and isn’t that what honeymoons are all about?

Belize Honeymoon Guide

As Belize is such a beautiful country with so many things to do and explore, it can be difficult to decide whether you want to focus primarily on beaches and the offshore islands or prefer to spend more time exploring the lush rainforests and jungles of the interior.

Thankfully, Belize’s small size and network of highways make it easy to enjoy both all in the same day. Most destinations are reachable within three hours or less, making it easy to wake up in the morning watching the sun rise over the Caribbean and be admiring the view of the mountains from atop an ancient Maya pyramid by the afternoon. And with luxury resorts available both deep within the jungle as well as on the islands, you can always finish your day in Belize in comfort and luxury.

Before You Go – Useful Information For Honeymooners

Entry requirements: Visitors from the United States, Canada, the EU, and many other countries can enter Belize without requiring a visa. Just make sure your passport will be valid for at least an additional six months.

Language: The official language of Belize is English. Many different cultures can be found in Belize, and some speak Spanish, Mayan dialects, Garifuna (an Afro-Caribbean tongue) and Kriol/Creole.

Currency: The Belizean dollar (BZD), permanently pegged to the U.S. dollar at 2:1 (two Belizean dollars = one American dollar).

Flight time: 2 hours from Miami or Houston, 4-6 hours from Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto.

When to Visit Belize

Best weather: From November to April is the high season with lots of clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

Best prices: The low season runs from June through October. Expect warm temperatures with some extra precipitation, especially overnight and during the hottest part of the afternoon.

What to Do on Your Belize Honeymoon

One of the greatest attractions in Belize is the fact that it is the least densely populated country in Central America, meaning you’ll see plenty of unspoiled nature and enjoy authentic food at the local mom and pop restaurants. Known for their genuine friendliness and hospitality, Belizeans warmly welcome visitors and make them feel right at home.

With no malls or chain restaurants, Belize is the perfect destination to relax and get away from the stresses of modern life. You can get a rich cultural experience by touring the open-air markets in the bigger towns or by arranging for an overnight stay in a Maya village. And with so many difficult cultures living harmoniously side-by-side – Mennonite, Chinese, Garifuna, Creole, Maya, and more – there’s always something to see.

All international flights touch down just outside of Belize City, the former capital and still the largest urban area in the country. From there, it’s easy to get to the islands or head into the interior.

Must do: explore a lost Maya city deep in the jungle, trek through the rainforest, snorkel or scuba dive on the reef, and visit an animal refuge to see a rainbow of diverse wildlife.

Contact Caves Branch Jungle Lodge for more information on Belize honeymoon vacations or ideas on what to do on your honeymoon.

Belize All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

Belize Honeymoon Packages

Start your life of wedded bliss with the adventure of a lifetime!


Create a prefect bonding experience as you start a new adventure together in natural surroundings and with a picture-perfect jungle lodge in the background. The jungle remains that mysterious place to fall in love so why not experience a rainforest honeymoon in paradise? Caves Branch Jungle Lodge has the perfect combination of attentive service & mind-blowing adventures when you honeymoon in Belize!


Caves Branch Lodge has designed a Belize Honeymoon Package with just the right amount of romance and adventure- just for you…


Compliment your nuptials with a 5 Night Belize All Inclusive- Adventure Honeymoon Package offering romantic accommodations in either a secluded Jungle Suite or a Luxurious Riverview or Canopy Treehouse- open to the sights and exotic sounds of nature while giving you that perfect setting to nurture your appreciation for each other and your inner sense of adventure.


With a backdrop of the lush tropical rainforest of Central Belize, Caves Branch Lodge has the perfect start to your marriage- Enjoy a romantic evening with your lover as you watch the sunset over the treetops…wake up to the gentle noises of the rainforest as the jungle comes alive every day and listen to the distant roar of the Howler Monkeys as they swing through the hillside canopy; crave hearty meals and venture into the surrounding sacred caves or explore towering Maya Ruins.


Top it all off in a celebration of your commitment together with our popular Overnight Honeymoon Cave Expedition- spend a thrilling night in a cave- just the two of you- hidden from the eyes of the world! Explore your imagination as you picture a candlelit cave set up with a full size bed rustically draped with netting, a bubbling creek flowing just feet away to cover the whispers & sounds made in the eerie darkness. Enjoy champagne and nibble on delectable goodies during a night well spent with your darling…


Enjoy Cheese Tasting in our on-property cheese factory- experience the wonders of Caves Branch with this unique complimentary activity that allows you to interact with each other and create that wonderful bonding for you both. Explore our 15 acre Botanical Garden and wander through the paths as you discover exotic plants, tropical flowers and learn of the natural healing that nature brings.


Discovering Belize together is a fun way to bring you closer to nature and to each other. Snorkel or dive Belize’s Barrier Reef while staying at our adventure jungle lodge. This honeymoon package is not for everyone but is certainly created for that special adventure couple in mind!

The Belize Honeymoon Package Includes:

  • Welcome Drinks & Orientation on arrival
  • 5 nights lodging in either a Jungle SuiteRiverview or Canopy Treehouse
  • Romance package, flowers in room, complimentary bottle of champagne, chocolates with turn down service at night
  • All meals starting from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure
  • Local beers, local rum drinks, juice, sodas, tea, coffee and water for the duration of your stay
  • 1 overnight Honeymoon cave expedition + 2 single day adventures
  • OR 4 single day adventures.
  • All taxes


Accommodation Adventure
Jungle Suite $3,847.00 $4,042.00 Book this!
Riverview Treehouse $4,460.00 $4,642.00 Book this!
Canopy View Treehouse $5,007.00 $5,393.00 Book this!

All prices are for per couple in US Dollars. Pricing is subject to 9% Hotel and 12.5%GST taxes for all package pricing.


Start your life of wedded bliss with the adventure of a lifetime- Call us today to discuss your honeymoon plans and book your extraordinary honeymoon vacation in Belize! 

Book this Package

All Inclusive Belize Honeymoon Reviews and Testimonials

“To be honest, I’d never heard of Belize until my fiancé Adrian told me about it. But after all the stress of organizing and arranging our wedding, I was more than happy to let him arrange a honeymoon somewhere amazing and exotic. I cannot even begin to describe how blown away I was when we got to Caves Branch Lodge. Seemingly lost deep in the jungle, it is truly an amazing jungle resort, and the view from the tree house is simply breathtaking. I can’t speak to other Belize honeymoon resorts, but the Caves Branch Lodge was the perfect place to get away and spend some time with my new husband!”

-Patty Ledoux, Mission Viejo, California

“A couple of years ago, a friend of mine got married and then signed up for one of those all-inclusive Belize honeymoon packages. After hearing him rave about it, I too chose Belize when it was my turn to tie the knot. Woah! Seemed like we stepped into another world the moment we got off the plane. My wife simply loved everything about Belize, and Caves Branch Lodge staff was top notch. Their honeymoon package took care of absolutely everything. Can’t say enough how glad I am we stayed there.”

-Cory Chiesa, Chicago, Illinois

“They say that the third time is the charm, so for my new bride, I wanted to go all out. I chose one of those honeymoon packages to Belize at Caves Branch Lodge. Staff met us at the airport, and the drive down was great. We spent a week there, and the time seemed to fly right by. We chose the early morning birdwatching tour and also sampled the homemade cheese at the botanical gardens. Definitely the right place for folks like us.”

-Charles Beasley, Norcross, Georgia



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