Senior Adventures – Is A Belize Adventure Lodge Like Caves Branch Suitable?

Most of the time the family – parents and children – vacation to Belize and take only memories and photos to share with grandma and grandpa. However,  it may be better if they join you on your next vacation OR they come down in the summer for their own vacation.  The natural question that comes to mind before making a decision like that is “Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch is an adventure company and jungle lodge so is it suitable for senior adventure travel?”

Answer: Definitely!

Here are three reasons why Caves Branch are perfect for seniors:
1.    Belize Weather
The weather here is realatively comfortable year around but does change a bit based on the time of year so you can come when the weather in Belize is the most comfortable for you.  The hottest months are April to October and the coolest months tend to be November to March.  Of course it can rain any time during the year but the rainy season usually occurs during June to December.  So based on what type of weather you like the most you can plan your trip to Belize accordingly.

2.    Nature
The lodge is located in the middle of the jungle so you do not need to go far to see and listen to the chatter among the jungle animals. Your Belize accommodations are designed so that you will enjoy the jungle in its entire splendor. You will fall asleep to sounds of crickets and wake up to the calls of the howler monkeys and birds. If you look closely you will be able to see right through your screened walls and find these animals at first hand. There is also a botanical garden on site where you can view a large collection of different orchids of various sizes. There are different plants on the grounds and also some strange animals that visit the guest areas.

3.    Adventure Tours
The adventure tours come in a range of different levels of physical activity. Choosing a tour depends on how active you want to be. Here are some examples that are quite safe for people of all ages – including those that might be bit more senior then others: Belize bird watching, Black Hole Drop, Mayan Ruins tours, Horseback riding and more. The guides have been through extensive training for rescue missions and are very knowledgeable about these different tours. They will move at a pace that is comfortable for you and ensure that you have a great time.


Senior Adventures

After your day of tours you can take a shower indoors or in the jungle showers, take a nap or come out to the dinning area or pool to socialize with the other guests – from young children to other seniors. Adventure tours stir up many interesting stories that are just waiting to be told and surely you will be anxious to tell of your experiences also. You will definitely have a great time!

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