Out in the Belize Jungle for a few Days!

Have you ever wanted to have an experience in the jungles of Belize? Have you thought about camping below the canopy and still be safe from the animals in the wild? Have you ever wanted Belizean food and not have to make it yourself? There are even more amazing adventures you could take on in caves, river systems and out on the beach!

Whenever we talk about experiencing the jungle and the outdoors people think about setting up a tent or hammock in the middle of nowhere and having a short of water and food and hunting for what they can, if you are into that kind of adventure why don’t you try one of our overnight adventures? You will be on an adventure all night long!  You will see bugs and critters and other animals if you are real lucky and quiet.

Overnight Adventures in Belize - Caves Branch

If you’d like to go on adventures that are less physically challenging and stay in “comfort and style” while still getting the night in the jungle experience maybe you’d like one of our accommodations! You will have a bed and bathroom, and maybe even an outdoor shower. The only things that will separate you from the jungle are the huge windows with nothing but screens in them. You will be able to feel that you have a bed outdoor in the jungle. You will hear all the crickets and the stirring from small wild animals if you’re lucky! Click here to see some pictures of bugs at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. It is an awesome experience without being out in the cold sleeping on the ground.

Bug at Caves Branch

If you are out in the Belize jungle for a few days you could have the time of your life and even choose to enjoy both the challenging and the more comfortable approach to the jungle adventures. You can stay for as long as 7 days in the jungle and come back as a previous guest with a few perks. Click here to see how you can come back to Ian Anderson's Caves Branch and actually save!

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